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The twenty first century is the time of the rapid changes in the world. In this dynamic environment people are getting more and more career-oriented, striving for higher degrees and excellent education. Dissertation is an integral part of receiving Master’s or PhD degree, and dissertation proposal defense is one of the stages of this process.
Preparing for dissertation proposal defense
It is impossible to defend dissertation proposal without writing it. Dissertation proposal should follow all the requirements of the committee. In spite of the fact that each committee has its own guidelines, most dissertation’s authors are asked to include introduction with the description of the issue, the outline of dissertation with brief information on author’s plans of research, and short summary of writer’s findings.
Facing dissertation proposal defense
After dissertation proposal is written, you should be ready to present it in front of your committee. Dissertation proposal defense can be rather stressful for some students, but not for you, if you take into consideration the following advice:

  • You should practice presenting your ideas a few days before the actual process of dissertation proposal defense. Ask your best friend or your parents to act as your dissertation’s committee, and then attentively listen to their feedback on your presentation.
  • Dissertation proposal defense is 100 % communication with your examiners, so try to think how to get them interested in your topic, how to impress or surprise them in a good way.
  • If you do not act confidently enough during dissertation proposal defense, you will fail to convince your target audience, fail to receive their support and fail to get a good grade.
  • Be ready to answer all kinds of questions related to the paper’s issue during the process of dissertation proposal defense. Your committee will want to examine your research plans and your awareness of the issue’s background.

Dissertation proposal defense is one of the first significant presentations in student’s life. The process of the dissertation proposal defense helps you to face competitive market of workforce and succeed in your future career.

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