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thesis formatAfter the years spent in college/university, you know that format of any academic writing is necessary and important. You can write whatever you like in your papers, but the requirements for format are common for everybody and you also should follow them.

Thesis format, perhaps, is even more important for you, since you are going to write a big and complicated work. It would be a real disaster if it is not approved because of the thesis format requirements that you failed to follow.

Thus, in this article you will find some general requirements for thesis format.

  • Thesis format means not only the requirements for the general appearance of your work.Thesis format also presupposes the proper structure of your work. So, make sure that you have the following structure: title page, approval page, abstract, acknowledgement page, table of content, list of illustrations, tables and figures (if you have them in your thesis), main text, appendices (if needed), and bibliography.
  • Thesis format requirements for prints and spacing. Most colleges/universities prefer to see Times New Roman or similar print of 10-12 size in your work. Italics and underlining is permitted only for some particular purposes (for something special in the text). According to the requirements for thesis format, double spacing must be used within the text of your thesis. Single spacing can be used for the quoted fragments in the text.
  • Thesis format requirements for margins and pagination. Bottom and right margins should be 1 inch; top and left margins can be 1 or 1.5 inches. Pagination should appear in the Arabic numbers in the top right corner of the page.

  • Thesis format requirements for illustrations and tables. All the illustrations and tables may be inserted in the text according to the general margins requirements.

All these rules may seem complicated and hard to follow. However, a bit more of your attention will help you make everything correctly.

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