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thesis proposalThesis proposal is a paper that aims to provide your suggestions on research you intend to conduct. To write a good thesis proposal, you should think over every issue very carefully and state your thoughts about it on paper.
Making good and qualitative thesis proposals requires being aware of what steps to take. That is why we are eager to present you these steps:

  • Choose the problem under consideration. It can be any problem, hypothesis or research question that has never been considered before. Formulate the topic of your thesis proposal;
  • Think why your research will be important. Mind that your thesis proposal is a kind of admission to conducting your research. If you do not manage to convince your supervisor in its significance, you may be not allowed to investigate the topic of your thesis proposal chosen;

  • Get to know about the prior research of your topic. Perhaps, anyone has touched upon your problem, but it was not covered fully. Tell about it in your thesis proposal;
  • Choose the most feasible and applicable methods. It is extremely important for your thesis proposal to present the chosen methodology clearly and comprehensibly, as you are being awaited to demonstrate your research abilities. You can reveal them only by means of applicable methods of investigation;
  • Tell about the possible outcomes of your research. In this part of your thesis proposal you should also explain the importance of the results obtained.

In spite of everything, the most challenging task is the choice of your thesis proposal topic. Your research starts with it. That is why you have to try your best to choose the most exclusive and unique topic for your thesis proposal that would give promise of extended study.

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