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master’s thesis proposalDo you know what a master’s thesis proposal is? It is a kind of foundation for building a house. The more exact and clearer the foundation is, the more successful your final house will be. A perfect and a well-done master’s thesis proposal gives all grounds for making a good and an acceptable final paper.
The most challenging task lies in deciding on the topic you want to propose in your master’s thesis proposal. In the majority of cases, students have to come up with a particular topic or research question providing promise for extended study.
How should the structure of your master’s thesis proposal look? Let us answer this question by providing the most simplified master’s theses proposal parts:

  • Research question, problem or hypothesis;
  • Significance of research;
  • Important prior research;
  • Possible research methodology or approach;
  • Approximate outcomes of research and their importance.

Below you can find a list of questions the answers to which will help you determine whether your master’s thesis proposals are successful or not:

  • Is the problem under consideration stated clearly enough in your master’s thesis proposal?
  • Are the purposes of your master’s thesis proposal stated clearly? Are they achievable?
  • Are the methods chosen feasible? Do you think the analysis of data will allow the acceptance or rejection of your assertions?
  • How can the results be presented? (graphs, tables, schemes, etc.);
  • What measures will you take in case your experiment fails? What will you do if data cannot be obtained? What will you undertake in case your analysis is inconclusive?

Answer these questions in order to make sure you have not done a useless job.
As a result, you will make a good and a qualitative master’s thesis proposal without any problems.

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