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dissertation dataSome students, when they decide to continue their study in order to receive a doctoral degree, go on working on their dissertation, investigating its topic deeper or from another angle. Some students do not want to keep on researching the same topic and start exploring a completely new one. In such case, they are to start from the very beginning, and that is to collect data for a new dissertation.
So, when you start collecting dissertation data, there are various things to consider. First, you are to develop a new and fresh idea, and that is to choose a particular field of investigation and topic. Ideas, as well as topic ideas, may come from different sources. You can start searching for a topic in the library among the dissertation data available there. You may also make use of past dissertations stored in the archives.
When you already have a topic for your dissertation, you should start collecting dissertation data. Collecting effective dissertations data is very important and it presupposes collecting up-to-date and reliable information. You need to find enough dissertation data to cover the topic of your work in all details.
When searching for dissertation data, you can also browse the Internet (though studying library sources seem to be the most sufficient way to collect dissertation data). Internet is the place where a lot of new and up-to-date materials can be found, since Internet is updated daily, what cannot be said about dissertation data available in libraries.
Besides, you are welcome to ask your supervisor to provide you with some relevant dissertation data. You may be sure that he/she will give you appropriate instruction as for dissertations data collection.
As far as you have understood, collecting dissertation data is a very serious task. You should take into account that you will not be always able to find necessary sources at once and easily. So, do not put off this assignment and start collecting dissertation data as soon as possible.

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