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psychology research proposalIf you want to discuss a significant problem or you want to make some discoveries in the field of Psychology, you will have to work hard on your psychology research proposal. It is exactly the psychology research proposal that will allow you to achieve your goals.
Usually, students get all the necessary instructions on psychology research proposals writing. However, some common mistakes can be frequently found in this part of your work. You have to be aware of the possible fallacies, since they will have a great influence on effectiveness, and thus success of your psychology research proposal.
So, what are those common mistakes that you can make in the course of psychology research proposal writing?

  • Poor explanation of the significance. Significance of your project is the key point of the psychology research proposal. So, you will make a mistake if you do not give necessary rationale for your research; you do not explain clearly its impact. Thus, the committee does not have reasons for approving your psychology research proposal.
  • Mistakes in stating the specific aims of your work. Here two kinds of mistakes are usually found.

    1. The aims stated in your psychology research proposals are too ambitious, which is more likely that you will not achieve them.
    2. Your aims are not specific, clear or focused on a certain problem.
  • Mistakes in explaining the methods of research. In this part of your psychology research proposal you can give a lot of unnecessary details; you do not explain the effectiveness of the chosen methods; you cannot explain your choice of the particular methods.

These are the most frequent mistakes of a psychology research proposal. If you make them, be sure that your research project proposal will not be approved.

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