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research proposal outlineDo you have to compose a research proposal outline but you do not know how to make it? Well, you are lucky to find this article, since here you will find the main steps every research beginner should take in order to make a proper research proposal outline.

  • Start with answering the following question: “What is your research significant for?” In order to complete this part of your research proposal outline, you will have to find out the needs of the research community. As soon as you have got to know them, make notes that will serve you as a good basis for composing this part of your research proposal outline;
  • Formulate your objectives clearly enough. You should know exactly what your efforts will be directed to. That is why the next point of your research proposal outline will be devoted to the objectives of your investigation;
  • Conduct background research in order to compose the Conceptual Framework section of your proposal. It means that you will have to find the works of different researchers who investigated the topic you are dealing with. This information will be the next part of your research proposal outlines;
  • Find out the best methods for your topic investigation. Your research proposal outline needs information on the methods of investigation. This part of your research proposal outline is a Methodology section, where you will explain why these methods are the most applicable ones;
  • Tell about some possible results of your research. An important section will be missing in your research proposal outline if you do not tell about what you expect to find out.

Follow these tips to create a good research proposal outline and you will manage to compose it properly.
You can also use the tips given for writing a dissertation proposal if you want your dissertation research proposal to be well-crafted.

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