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A critical review of the literature on a certain topic is a common thing. You can be asked to critically review literature either in a separate assignment, or within a certain paper. Usually, a critical literature review is an important part of dissertation research.
To pass the phase of writing a critical review of the literature on sources used painlessly, use our writing hints:

  1. You have to state the exact number of sources used in a critical literature review. Therefore, while working on materials, always write down basic data about them. Get a separate notepad for a critical literature review, and keep track of your sources there.
  2. All the sources you have scanned have to be categorized for a critical literature review. You can divide them thematically, by author, by date of publication or by any other criteria. The main point of such division is to be able to write a critical review of the literature that will talk about the sources, their value, and your ability to understand the material.

  1. Depending on your level, there will be different amount of references required for a critical literature review. Undergraduates are the luckiest – in their critical literature review there should be about 20 titles. Doctoral dissertations must include more than 50 sources to make their critical literature review decent.
  2. The sources you will be evaluating in a critical literature review have to be distributed evenly between all dissertation chapters. Concentrating them in one spot is absolutely incorrect.
  3. It is useless but still helpful to say: to make a good critical literature review, you have to be familiar with all the sources you use for the writing. It means that all of them have to be carefully read and evaluated before being mentioned.

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