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critical thinking essayA critical thinking essay is one of the most general essay types. The main purpose of writing a critical thinking essay is to develop students’ critical thought and writing skills. When writing a critical thinking essay, you do not have to answer some questions but rather to analyze the chosen topic from inside out.
Critical Thinking Essay – Basic Principles

  • Explanation: you have to explain why the chosen problem is worth investigating. Why do you regard your research to be significant?
  • Comparison: while writing your critical thinking essay, draw parallels between your statement and some other opinions on the topic you are exploring.
  • Analysis: make an objective analysis of the topic under consideration, discuss its different aspects, and present the results of your investigation in the critical thinking essay.
  • Evaluation: State your personal opinion on the topic and support it by sufficient arguments and examples. Explain why your standpoint is the most correct one.

Critical Thinking Essay: Useful Advice

  1. Be precisely critical;
  2. Try to avoid stereotyped opinions;
  3. Present your original research.

Critical Thinking Essay Tips

  • Resort to the recent publications. Thus, you will add some extra points for being a well-informed young researcher;
  • Be persuasive. To be persuasive means to provide reasonable ideas, support them by evidences and explanations, and use corresponding language;
  • Be consecutive. Mind links between the sentences of your critical thinking essay;
  • Pick out a catchy topic. If none of the topics offered interests you, develop your own one;
  • Use examples.

Take into consideration the information presented above. You will definitely learn to write good critical thinking essays and get only the best grades.
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