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Psychology literature reviewsWell, you have to write a Psychology literature review. You dust off the book on Psychology, sit down, and get ready to show ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ as you leaf through the pages of the book. You are ready for writing a Psychology literature review, right?
Wrong! Psychology literature reviews require certain preparations before actually proceeding to writing. What are they? Well, you will find them below.

  1. Clarify
  2. If your instructor has not specified your task, ask for explanations. The following questions will help you clarify everything properly:

    • How many sources should you use for writing this Psychology literature review?
    • What types of sources does your review require?
    • Should the Psychology literature review summarize, synthesize or criticize?
    • Should the sources of your review be evaluated?
    • Does your tutor expect any background information, definitions or history from the Psychology literature review?
  3. Find models
  4. It is always much easier to accomplish a task by example. So, the models of Psychology literature reviews may be found in the electronic database of your university library, in some online databases of free Psychology literature reviews. You may also ask your instructor to give you some examples of Psychology literature reviews and study them attentively.

  5. Narrow your topic

    There are thousands of articles and books on Psychology. However, the narrower your topic, the easier will it be to limit the number of necessary sources. If you want to make the right choice of the sources, ask your Professor something like ‘If you had to read one of 20 books on Psychology, what would it be?’

  6. Make sure your sources are up-to-date
  7. Since Psychology problems are constantly changing, the sources for writing the Psychology literature review should be current.

Use information on a literature review and Psychology research proposal to make a good Psychology literature review.

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