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nursing literature reviewNursing literature reviews aim to evaluate critically the sources that a writer used to conduct nursing research. Perhaps it sounds a bit challenging, but possible, especially with our help. So, follow the guidelines presented below in order to make a good nursing literature review.
Tips for making nursing literature reviews

  1. Set the purpose of your nursing literature review
    The purpose of a nursing literature review depends on its topic. If, for instance, your topic is ‘Nursing and Medical Ethics’, the purpose of your nursing literature review will be to analyze critically the theoretical and methodological works of medical experts related to Nursing and Medical Ethics.
  2. Tell about the sources used in your nursing literature review
    What types of publications did you use to write your nursing literature review (e.g. books, journals, popular media, etc)?
  3. Evaluate the process of gathering information
    Mind the formal style and the simplicity of sentences when writing this part of your nursing literature review. Just answer the questions: Was your search wide enough to ensure you found relevant information? Is the number of sources appropriate and satisfies all the requirements?
  4. Evaluate your analysis of the sources
    Did you analyze the sources critically? Did you assess those discussing strengths and weaknesses instead of just summarizing?

How to discuss each source in particular?

  • Who is the author of a book?
  • Does the author touch upon or focus on the problem you investigate? What is his/her problem about?
  • Does the author criticize or interpret the problem?
  • Are there any other effective approaches to the problem? From what perspective?

Usually, a nursing literature review is a part of a nursing research proposal or a nursing thesis. So, information on both kinds of papers will be useful to you. You may find it on our blog.

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