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example of a definition essayAre you searching for any useful information or examples of definition essays? Great! This article is right in time for you. Here you will find both short examples of how to write a definition essay and tips to make your paper effective.
In order for you to understand what this essay type is all about, let us start from the very beginning.
A definition essay is a paper that aims to explain what a certain term means. So, definition essays may aim to explain what concrete things (like a tree, a phone, a chair) mean. Definition essays may also define abstract notions (like happiness, hope, love, etc.).
So, how to make an effective definition essay?

  1. Tell the reader what you are going to define
  2. It is considered to be an introduction of definition essays. So, take into consideration the following example of a definition essay introduction:
    Have you ever tried to define love? What is it? How does it feel? In this paper, we will try to define love…

  3. Give basic information on the issue you are going to define
  4. The main body of definition essays should present how you understand the thing or notion you are defining. The following example of a definition essay body may help you:
    Different people have different vision of love. The original definition of love is a fiction; a falsehood, a love affair. As far as I am concerned, love is the choice person makes to put someone’s desires and needs above his/her own…

  5. Use examples, facts, stories, or anecdotes for the reader to understand
  6. A good definition essay should explain everything in a simple and comprehensible manner. The best means to explain is to use facts, examples, or anecdotes. So, use them for the readers to catch your idea.

You may also find some examples of definition essays while surfing the Internet. Remember that it is better to use online examples of definition essays presented on the official websites of different universities.
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