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action research proposalWhen dealing with action research papers, students should be ready to prepare good action research proposals. If you need to write an action research proposal and have no time for studying long tutorials on how to do it, this article should interest you.
Do you have any idea of how to compose a worthwhile action research proposal? Well, you will get all necessary answers within this article.
Let us get down to business right now!
An action research proposal is a paper that pursues two major purposes:

  • To give a plan of your action research project;
  • To present the main idea of research that will be done.

Any action research proposal should be written in accordance with a certain structure. In order to help you and save your time, we offer one of the possible action research proposal outlines. Even more, we offer you the questions to answer in each chapter of your action research proposal:

    • Why is this research important?
    • What is the major issue to be studied?
    • What are the estimated results? Why?
    • What do other scientists say about the problem you are going to analyze?
    • What relevant literature may be reviewed in the course of research?
    • What is so important about the chosen sources?
    • What innovative approach are you going to apply for your investigation?
    • What kind of methods will be used in the work?
    • What do you expect to get from the work done?
    • How can this investigation be continued/developed?
    • Is it really necessary to conduct this research?
    • Are you satisfied with this plan of work?
    • What are your requests?

Hope you will present a perfect action research proposal with such an outline! Good luck!

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