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case study essayYou have heard about case study papers, but you do not know for sure what it means. What is more, your tutor assigned to prepare a case study essay, which makes you panic a bit. Well, let us forget about panic for a while. The article you are reading now will give necessary explanations on what case study essays are.
First, you need to sort out what a case study actually means.
A case study can be defined as a puzzle that you have to solve. It is just a real world problem that requires real solutions. So, this is what you will be dealing with when completing your case study assignment.
Now, let us discuss more details about case study essays.
What do case study essays look like?
Some students tend to think that a case study essay is a mere description of a problem and its solutions. If you arrange your paper this way, it will not work. What you have to do is to make the reader interested in the problem you are discussing. Maybe, you should even make the reader take your position on the matter.
What steps should be taken to prepare a worthy case study essay?
There are three basic steps you need to take.

  1. Finding a problem. So, you have to find an existing problem. A library and the Internet are the best sources of ideas for the case study essay.
  2. Analyzing. At this stage, you have to break down the problem into pieces and find answers to each of them.
  3. Writing. It is very important to create a coherent and logical text. Start your case study essay with a description of the problem. Give background information and some details about it. Suggest your solutions.

So, these are the basic guidelines on writing case study essays. If you need tips on basic essay format or essay writing for dummies, our blog will also be helpful.

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