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clinical researchNowadays, medical students face such assignment as a clinical research project. What is this clinical research project about? Let us try to sort out everything together.
It is not hard to guess that a clinical research project is based on clinical research. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend everything that concerns this kind of research.
Clinical research can be described in a few words as patient-oriented research. Its main peculiarity is that you need to work with human subjects or materials that have human origins (specimen, tissues, etc.).
Why is clinical research so important?
One may say that laboratory or animal research can be also effective. Still, only medical research can give a precise answer to the question whether some drugs or medical devices really work.
What is a clinical trial?
It is a part of clinical research. A clinical trial is a study that aims to test and evaluate new ways of treatment and kinds of drugs.
What is the most significant thing about clinical research?
While conducting research, top priority is set on the safety of research subjects (participants of research). There are several rules that you should consider:

  • Subjects can agree to participate in research. However, they have the right to withdraw from it any time.
  • All the experiments should be thoroughly planned, so that none of the research subjects was hurt.
  • Special ethical committee will observe your clinical research. It can help you a lot, since they protect welfare and the rights of research subjects.

So, clinical research is going to be rather complicated. Still, it is a really precious experience for you.
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