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Honesty is the best policy essaysOkay, we have been there and we have already read all this. With all the outer simplicity, assignments like “Honesty is the best policy” essays are not as easy, and not because there is something unnatural about them. It is the simplicity in the topic that causes simplicity in thoughts, and thus – banal arguments and ideas. Your teacher has read all this a hundred times.
What we are saying is not that you have to re-invent the bike to make your essay on “Honesty is the best policy” original. You can bring something that is yours, personal, and not banal into the assignment. This is why:

Do Not:

  1. Start from defining honesty. With an assignment like an essay on honesty this is the easiest and most typical thing to do.
  2. Moralize. Essays on honesty have millions of moralizations without those two “really good ones” you have come up with. With little more free time we could have listed you all of the most unique and unbeatable ones. We bet you on anything in the world but all of them are among your strongest arguments. Do you still feel original?
  3. Check what others write about the same topic. As it was already said, “Honesty is the best policy” essays are tough enough to avoid banal statements. Do not make everything worse trying to look for somebody else’s interpretation of the issue.


  • Use personal examples. They may be yours or somebody else’s, it does not matter. They will definitely make essays on honesty closer to reality and further from plain moralization.
  • Turn to classic. Just do not use any historic or literary example. Choose best. Use strongest.
  • Introduce a new interpretation of honesty. This will be the least expected in essays on honesty. Of course, if you really use the least expected.

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