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how long is a 1500 word essayIt is hard to believe how weird can the questions get sometimes when it comes to essay writing. Instead of, for example, writing a 1500 word essay a student would rather spend time online searching for the information on… how long is a 1500 word essay!
This is not the only weird question popping up once it comes to completing a homework assignment. Seriously, is it that hard? Do you want to know how long a 1500 word essay is? For crying out loud, find any text, copy-paste it into MS Word, and check how long your future assignment should be. Well, of course, there are plenty of other ways to understand how long a 1500 word essay is – fortune tellers, Taro cards, etc.
As to the rest, let us answer the weirdest questions about essay writing. These are only a bit better than a “How long is a 1500 word essay” question.

  1. Will someone read my essay? No. Usually teachers assign to write 1500 word essays for fun. Then they meet with other teachers and make bets whose students will face the most terrible assignments. The most vicious teacher gets all the money from the bet. This is how they actually make money for living.
  2. How long should a title be? Well, you have to take it seriously. A title should consist out of as many words as many pages there are in your essay. If the writing is ten pages long, you will have to come up with a title out of ten words. If it is a dissertation – well, you have the scheme.
  3. What is an essay? No comments on this one.

Well, naturally this was a joke for you to relax and have fun before you actually start writing your 1500 word essay (though such questions are asked once in a while). Good luck!

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