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8th grade essaysYou are an 8th grade student, which means writing essays is one of your most frequent assignments. What is more, you have to deal with different essay types. In this article, we want to talk about several common eighth grade essay types and provide you with ideas for each one.
Persuasive 8th grade essays
Since you are an 8th grade student, you are most probably sure that now you do not have to go to bad that early as you usually did. Your parents believe it is not a good idea. Still, they are ready to consider your arguments. These arguments are what you will have to introduce in your 8th grade essay.
Descriptive 8th grade essays
You think that it is high time for you to travel alone. And again your parents do not agree. However, they agree to let you go for a trip with a friend of yours. So, in your 8th grade essay, describe a friend your parents will trust and let you go with.
Compare and contrast 8th grade essays
You have already read many books. Do you know any literary character that reminds you? If you do, compare and contrast yourself with this character in your 8th grade essay. You can find out more about writing compare essays here.
Narrative 8th grade essays
Imagine that one day you wake up and find yourself living another life. Discuss the following issues in the 8th grade essay:

  • What is your new life like?
  • What do you feel about it?
  • What happened to your previous life?

Cause and effect 8th grade essays
You can definitely feel the impact of technologies on our life. In your grade 8 essay, answer the next questions:

  • What our life would be like if there were no technological progress?
  • How do you think technology will affect our life in the future?

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