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case essaysBefore we start discussing the peculiarities of writing case and casual essays, let us ask you one question. What particular essay type are you interested in? Are you sure that you do not confuse case with casual essays?
The thing is that some students see no difference between case essays and casual essays. So, probably you need to specify your task first if you have some doubts.
Anyway, we are going to give details about both case essay and casual essay writing. If you do not mind, we will start with case essays.
Case essays
The correct name for this type of essays is a case based or case study essay. Your task boils down to analyzing a case and coming up with conclusions. What is the most important aspect of case essays?
Actually, you need to have a clear understanding of what a case is and how you should work with it. So, what is a case? A case is a kind of real world situation that may occur in different spheres of life.
Working with a case
First, you have to study a case carefully and find as much information about it as possible. Second, you need to read and understand all questions that a teacher asks you about this case.
Keep in mind one simple rule about writing case essays. You do not have to include a lot of background information in your paper or make a summary of the case. You are supposed to give clear answers to the questions posed by the teacher.
Casual essays
Casual essays, also known as casual analysis essays, are a bit different. First, you will not deal with cases. Second, you will have to analyze causes of something.
So, mind these differences between case and casual essays. Our writers can also explain you the principles of writing a critical thinking essay if needed.

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