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leadership essaysLeadership qualities, acting as a leader… These days, we hear so many talks about leaders and leadership. It seems that you cannot be accepted to any prestigious college or hold a good job position if you do not possess the traits of a real leader.
Perhaps, these are the demands of the modern world, and you may either like them or not. However, if you want to be successful, you have to be strong and you need to be… a leader.
Anyway, now you are interested in writing leadership essays. So, let us pass to this assignment. Essays on leadership can be both a typical assignment of your teacher and it can be a part of an application process, especially if you are applying to Business School.
Essays on leadership – another academic assignment
Most likely, your teacher wants to know your understanding of leadership and he/she wants you to write something like a “What Is Leadership” essay.
He/she can be more specific and assign, for instance, to write a USMC leadership essay. Then, you will have to focus on Marine Corps leadership traits, principles, styles, etc.
Essays on leadership – a part of an application process
If you want to apply to MBA program, get ready for writing a strong MBA leadership essay. Writing such essay presupposes telling a story about your leadership development.
Here are the steps that you need to take to create a strong MBA leadership essay:

  • Think about a situation when your leadership talent was revealed;
  • Describe particular qualities and skills that you have demonstrated;
  • Tell what you have learned from that situation;
  • Tell what other things you need to learn to improve your leadership skills.

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