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essays on sexual harassmentDespite all the laws, the number of cases of sexual harassment continues to increase. Although anybody can become a victim of some immoral acts, mainly women suffer from sexual harassment. What is more, a huge number of cases go unreported, which makes the problem even worse.
So, this serious problem is the topic of your next written assignment, and now you are thinking how to make your sexual harassment essay strong and informative.
Let us suggest you our plan for writing papers on sexual harassment.
Points to be included into essays on sexual harassment
To make your paper logical and informative, tell about the following in your essay on sexual harassment:

  • A few words about the history of the phenomenon and term “sexual harassment”;
  • Types of harassment;
  • Situations in which harassment may occur.

Coming up with the main idea for your essay on sexual harassment
Background information is what your essay on sexual harassment will start with. Next, you need to think of some specific issue and develop it.
Here are a few ideas for your essay on sexual harassment:

  • Harassment in the workplace;
  • Harassment in school;
  • Effects of harassment on victims and society in general;
  • Punishment for sexual harassment, etc.

How to make essays on sexual harassment strong
You can use such standard ways of making essays more convincing as giving statistics, talking about real-life cases, etc. We offer you to draw a graph in the essay on sexual harassment showing the increasing number of harassment cases.
Conducting interviews is also a good way to introduce some exclusive info in your sexual harassment essay and, thus, make it really exciting.
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