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free essay makerDespite a huge number of essays that students write, some students still cannot make good papers. It is the main reason why there are so many guys who hate essay writing and think it is an absolutely pointless kind of work.
Well, this article is not designed to persuade you that writing essays is an extremely useful thing. We simply want to make your life easier and tell about free essay and title makers – magical online tools that can help you with these annoying essays.
Where can you find free essay and title makers?
The answer is online, because an essay maker is software that you can download. We just have to warn you that searching for a free essay maker will take you some time.
Different kinds of essay makers
Depending on the purposes of writing essays, you will have to search for specific essay makers. The great majority of students use programs that work as follows:
Step 1: you have to answer several questions related to your essay, e.g. what is the topic of your essay? What is your position on the topic? What is your main argument?
Step 2: after you give answers in special boxes, you have to click on the “Build a Thesis” button. You will see a thesis statement that an essay maker composed based on the answers provided.
Step 3: after that, you have to click on the “Make an Outline” button, and the essay maker will show you a plan that you can use for writing.
Another kind of essay makers is designed for those who study some foreign languages and have to write essays very often. For instance, Autowms is a program that will be extremely helpful if you are learning to write in Chinese.
Now, you know one more way to make your life easier. Our writers can also do it and help you with a 500-word essay or an eighth grade essay.

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