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layout of a book reportMany students confuse the layout of a book report with a book review’s layout. Usually, they think these two pieces of writing have one and the same purpose. It is not so, moreover, they do not have that much in common.
A book report concentrates on facts. A book report writer aims at presenting the necessary information about the author, book, place and year of publication. It is necessary to give a brief summary of a book.
A book review is concentrated on writer’s personal attitude to the book. It is also necessary to present some general facts about the book. Still, much attention is paid to one’s personal opinion.
In this article we will present one of the possible layouts of a book report. When you know the nature of any book report, it is necessary to know how to write it correctly. Use the example we will provide you with below and enjoy the fluent and easy writing.
With the help of the book report layout you can see that your task is to describe the key events that took place in the narration, its characters, plot and its main idea.
Layout of a book report: point 1
Before you start reading, you should make some notes in order to remember:

  • Author’s name and his\her works;
  • Title of a book and what it hides behind;
  • Publication info;
  • Number of pages.

Layout of a book report: point 2
When you read, make some notes and be attentive to the details:

  • Characters’ names and their personal traits;
  • The main idea of the story and what you have learnt from it;
  • Quotes that allow you to concentrate on the details.

Layout of a book report: point 3
When you start writing, you should pay attention to such issues as:

  • Elements you like the most;
  • Evaluation of the story.

Use this layout of a good book report, revise the information you have found out about the story and get your A’s+!
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