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research paper formatWriting a research paper always starts with defining the format of future masterpiece. It varies depending on the level and subject you are doing it for.
Research paper formats may be of several different types. Each research paper format observes different rules of the research paper citation. The most widely used research paper formats are the following:
 Turabian format research paper. This research paper format is normally used by students of colleges within all disciplines. If you use this research paper format, it is necessary to manage your citations alphabetically by the author’s name. If some citation has no author, start with the title of the source. It is necessary to use Italics or, at least, underlined type.
APA format research paper. This research paper format is usually used for research paper on Social Sciences. Citation list has to be managed alphabetically by the author’s name or the source title, too. It is necessary to use the author’s initials only. Italics or underlined print has to be used for citations. APA research paper format is like Turabian one. The only difference is that it is necessary to include day, month of publication and the page of the source used in your citation list.
MLA format research paper. Used for research paper on literature, arts and humanities. The requirements are almost the same as in two previous research paper formats. Except, it is also necessary to double-space the text of your paper, and use a legible font as Times New Roman or Courier.
There is plenty of research paper formats, however, those listed above are the most frequently used. To choose the format that corresponds and suits your research paper most of all, it is necessary to consult your supervisor. However, Turabian research paper format is certain to be the most universal, so, if you have problems with choosing the research paper format, most likely, you will use the Turabian one.

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