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essays geographyGeography itself may be one of your favorite subjects, but writing essays devoted to even favorite subjects is not always that fascinating. It seems like at the moment you are struggling with a Geography essay and urgently need useful writing guidelines.
This is exactly what you will find here. Our writers are glad to explain you everything about writing essays on Geography.
Narrow the scope
Geography is the same broad as those things it studies: oceans, continents, people, etc. You cannot get down to work until you narrow down the scope and decide on something specific to cover in your Geography essay.
Start with various branches of Geography: human geography, environmental geography, regional geography, etc. Pick a branch, which is interesting to you and continue searching for a specific topic to disclose in your Geography essay.
You may try a good strategy of asking and answering “What”, “Where”, and “Why” questions to come across a suitable Geography essay topic, e.g. “What is global warming?”, “Where are the most populated areas?”, “Why do earthquakes happen?”
If this does not work, find several free Geography essays. Check what topics they are devoted to.
Writing essays on Geography
The rest of your Geography essay can be completed using a standard plan. Mind that a perfect organization also affects the grade you will be given. Therefore, make sure your Geography essay has the following components:

  • Introduction, which defines your topic, provides general background, introduces a thesis statement.
  • Body that supports your thesis, presents various details about the topic.
  • Conclusion, which summarizes your points, reminds whether you have answered the main question.

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