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biography book reportDo you have to make another boring biography book report? Why do we call it boring? Well, because we know that almost all students end up with “I want to tell about my favorite…. He/she was born in…” papers, where they just enumerate some dates and events from the life of somebody famous. You can easily check this by looking through free biography book reports. How many of them do you find really fascinating?
And now imagine that your teacher has to read hundreds of biography book reports like that. He/she is almost desperate to hit upon an incredible piece of writing, some unusual biography book report ideas, or, at least, something that will single out a little.
You have a chance to make your teacher happy if you use one of our ideas for writing biography book reports. Particularly, we want to offer several creative biography book report forms.
Biography book report: creative form 1
One of the easy ways to make your biography book report creative a little is to write it in the form of a newspaper interview. You can check any interview with a celebrity in your local newspapers. If you are writing about someone who lived a long time ago, try to adjust your writing to the style of those times.
Biography book report: creative form 2
Your report can be made in the form of a photo album. Find pictures of your “hero” that relate to different periods of his/her life. Or, you can even try to draw own pictures. Then, make captions for all pictures explaining what events are described there.
Biography book report: creative form 3
Does your teacher like pizza? If he/she does, then make your report on a round piece of paper, cut it into pieces that highlight different events, and put your report into a pizza box.
We also suggest you read about biography essays and a short story book report.

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