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It is often considered that concepts and ideas are more important when writing an essay. However, this approach underrates the importance of facts in academic writing. This article helps to understand how to work with the facts in facts essays.
Choosing Facts
When fulfilling the preliminary research for your facts essay, you will find many facts. Your task is to choose the appropriate ones:

  1. Use the reliable sources. Books, monographs, magazines, official sites are the reliable sources. Non-official Internet pages, brochures, newspaper articles are considered less reliable.
  2. Check the facts for your facts essay. Finding similar data in more than one source increases the reliability of the facts chosen.
  3. Choose the relevant facts. Be attentive when estimating relevance: if you write about population in India, the number of the total area seems not relevant to the topic of the facts essay. However, if you divide population by area, you get the population density, which may be rather important for your facts essay.

Working with the Facts
The facts chosen for your facts essay should be represented appropriately:

  1. Structure the facts in your facts essay logically. For example, it is not correct to provide population density in India before providing a number of population.
  2. Cite the facts. Each fact provided in your facts essay should be cited appropriately. In your assignment, you will find the citation style required (MLA, APA etc). Refer to the guideline on your citation style.
  3. Do not distort the facts in your facts essay:

  • do not guess if you do not have the data from a reliable source;
  • avoid rounding the numbers and missing the details: “the majority of Indians are Hindu” sounds less reliable than “By 2001, 80.5 per cent of population in India were Hindu”;
  • avoid subjective estimations, for example: “India is not so good for living, as its poverty rate is rather high”.

Stay objective: you will have many opportunities to express personal ideas in the future. Though it sounds obvious, facts essays are about facts, and it is important to work with them properly.

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