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Education is one of the methods that can help you achieve your goals in life. When a person starts the process of learning, he/she continues it during the life period. Education is not limited to the period spent at school or higher educational establishments. If you want to be awarded with an advanced degree of a Doctor of Philosophy, you should write a PhD dissertation and defend it.
Some people think that writing a dissertation is as difficult as flying (they mean that it is impossible), especially a PhD dissertation that can make you a PhD Candidate if you do not defend your PhD dissertation properly.
What Should We Focus On?
There are mandatory parts for dissertation projects that should be included into a PhD dissertation as well. A PhD dissertation is a method of sharing your findings with other scientists that conduct a research in similar areas or sectors relevant to the subject of your PhD dissertation. Your PhD dissertation should be clear but appropriate for the level of dissertation project.
Your writing skills are of paramount importance in your PhD dissertation. Even if your thoughts are bright and interesting and your findings are phenomenal and can help you to make a scientific breakthrough, you can fail to deliver your ideas properly due to poor writing skills.
What Should We Avoid?
You should avoid many things while writing your PhD dissertation because unclear and ambiguous phrases can ruin the expected effect of your dissertation project. Try to avoid proverbs and phrases that can be considered too colloquial. You should also avoid non-objective opinion and words that are used only for word-count.
Do your best to succeed in writing your dissertation project and defend it.

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