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Term paper writing requires doing substantial analytical work with several sources of information. In order to avoid wandering within the flows of your ideas, you can develop a term paper outline. Outlines for term papers help to organize your ideas and to make your paper harmonious.
Outlines for Term Papers: Essence
Your term paper outline is a detailed plan of your future term paper. Its aim is to reflect all key points of your paper. To develop a term paper outline, you need to:

  1. Formulate a thesis. Your thesis is a sentence that provides a short answer for a question that you work on in your term paper.
  2. Divide topics/ideas/statements that you touch upon in your essays into logical sections. Each section will become a point of your outline.

Outlines for Term Papers: Types
There are two types of outlines for term papers:

  • Topic outlines for term papers
  • Sentence outlines for term papers

In the second case, you do not limit to short phrases and formulate an outline topic as a complete sentence.
Topic outline: Influence of culture differences on consumer decision making
Sentence outline: Culture differences are an important factor that influences consumer decision making
Outlines for Term Papers: Format
Now, when we know “what” to write in outlines for term papers, let’s consider “how” to do it…
Let’s consider this example in detail:

  1. Each topic should contain several subtopics. It is good when all topics contain equal number of subtopics; however, this requirement is not obligatory.
  2. Type your term paper outline as it is demonstrated in the example. For example, the Roman number “I” is right under the first letter of a thesis sentence, etc.
  3. If you need to create sub-subtopics, use Arabic numbers to numerate them.

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