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The idea of a research paper is general for everyone. There is a certain problem you need to investigate and present in a written form. It is the written form that causes many questions. Students have asked many times who invented weird research paper formats and what their practical use is. Seriously, who would care about the width of spacing between lines and other small inconveniences that research paper formats possess.
However, a paper is usually required to be formatted in accordance with a certain research paper format, and we offer you three of the most popular ones:

  1. APA, or American Psychological Association, is a style used in social and behavioral spheres. If your assignment is close to this flow, then the APA style may be just the right research paper format for you. Its peculiarities are clear – call your bibliography a List of References, follow all the punctuation by one space, and know the differences between “p.” and “pp.” Oh, we forgot about other cute little peculiarities of this research paper formats. Use manuals:-)
  2. Modern Language Association introduces another peculiar type of a research paper format and it is called the MLA style. If you are doing works on liberal arts and humanities, this is just what you have been looking for. MLA research paper format is picky about page standards like one inch margins from all sides and stuff like that. If you have more questions, contact your teacher for detailed information.
  3. Kate Turabian is the person you can thank for the Turabian research paper format. Mostly, it is preferred in political sciences, history, theology, etc. If you have decided to stick to the List of References, it is high time to switch it for the Bibliography. Luckily, this type of a research paper format does not have specific requirement for the title page. Flew!

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