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thesis ideasLet me tell you that you are really worth of respect if you are writing your thesis in Philosophy. A lot of people regard Philosophy to be as complicated as Mathematics. Still, it is not about you.
Nevertheless, you are looking here for some tips on philosophy thesis ideas. We will definitely give you some hints. I think that your main problem is a topic, since some organizational issues can be easily found in various manuals on writing dissertations and theses. That is why our thesis ideas will concern the topic of your work.

  • First of all, you should define the field of Philosophy where you are going to search for some necessary thesis ideas. Let me remind you that Philosophy includes the next branches: metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, applied philosophy.
  • We suggest you to search for a topic and some thesis ideas in the field of social and political philosophy. The issues of this field will always be acute and up-to-date, since society and politics are the problems that can be discussed forever.
  • If you like this field of Philosophy, we want to suggest you some thesis ideas on such a phenomenon as anarchism. This phenomenon emerged many centuries ago. It still exists and has various forms and manifestations.
  • Our next thesis ideas are about Marxism – another very popular concept within the field of political Philosophy. Here we have a piece of advice for you. Do not go into the historical details of Marxism too much. It is better to think of some thesis ideas on the modern forms of Marxism, such as neo-Marxism or post Marxism.

  • Finally, you can search for some thesis ideas within the last branch of political Philosophy – feminist philosophy. I think you will not lack thesis ideas if you choose this topic, since feminism is really wide-spread today.

So, I hope that these philosophically-political thesis ideas will be useful for your work.

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