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If you are far from being passionate about religion and you are not keeping the Bible under your pillow, writing a review of biblical literature will be rather new for you. To explain the nature of such reviews of biblical literature, we can compare it to an English literature coursework. Both of these papers focus on the analysis of the literature sources, however, in case of the review of biblical literature your subject will be the Bible.
So, how do you organize the process of writing your review of biblical literature?
First of all, you need to get the sources for your review of biblical literature. They can be provided by your teacher or you will have to identify them on your own. Certainly, if you are given a list of sources for your review of biblical literature, do not hesitate to ask where these materials can be found.
Secondly, you need to find these sources. This is, probably, the hardest part of your writing process. You see – your university library may not have any of the sources you need (in the worst case, certainly). That is why be ready to visit a public library, conducting an advanced search. You should ask a librarian to help you find the items from the list of sources for your reviews of biblical literature given by the teacher. Unfortunately, this site for your review of biblical literature may not contain all the necessary sources. Then, the last destination for you is the church: you need to approach a church representative asking for support in your search.
Thirdly, when you start writing your review of biblical literature, you should include as many quotes, facts, stories, and examples as possible. These details will give life to your own ideas!
Finally, your review of biblical literature may serve as the basis of your doctoral thesis in the future.

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