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thesis abstractAbstract of a thesis is a short informative summary of the research conducted. Inspite of the fact that any thesis abstract is read first, it is mostly written (this is the right way) only after the report is completed. A thesis abstract is placed on a separate page after the table of contents.
What does an abstract of a thesis serve for? The main purpose of a thesis abstract is to give readers general information about the whole paper and research conducted.
Here are some basic tips on effective thesis abstract writing.

  1. Read the final variant of the project. Your theses abstract requires the most essential information to be presented. So, you need to do a thoughtful reading;
  2. Think over the general information you would like to include into your thesis abstract. Since an abstract of a thesis has to be no more than 10% of a thesis length, you have to choose the most important issues for your thesis abstract;
  3. Be sure to include key facts, statistics, etc. into the first draft of your thesis abstract;
  4. Omit tables, lengthy examples and other supporting details while making the draft of your thesis abstract. A thesis abstract should be 150-300 words long, so any auxiliary information will be inappropriate in your thesis abstract;

  1. Proofread your draft. The abstract of your thesis should be like a mini-essay. So, try to make it coherent;
  2. Correct and edit the final paper. Make sure that your theses abstract has no mistakes – grammar, spelling or punctuation.

There is a tendency not to differentiate between a thesis introduction and a thesis abstract. You do not have to talk about the purposes and expectations from the research in your abstract, but rather talk about the research done in general.

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