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master thesis proposalsYou have one more written assignment, and you should find any possible ways to complete it properly. You know that it is your master thesis proposal, and its successful accomplishment will influence your future work!
So, with the help of this article you will become aware of how to prepare a good master’s thesis proposal meeting all necessary requirements.
First, it is very important to define a master thesis proposal. You should know for sure what particularly should be done. Of course, we may turn for help to different dictionaries in order to explain what a master thesis proposal is. Still, not every student can really comprehend its essence. So, our explanation of a master thesis proposal should be clear and valid.
A master thesis proposal is an outline of your future serious project – thesis. It is a must to prepare a quality master thesis proposals, as the thesis committee will approve it and a lot depends on their decision.
To get perfect results, you need to remember one thing – any academic paper should be properly structured. Your master thesis proposal should be organized in a certain way as well.
So, let us point out the main chapters of a master thesis proposal:

  • Introduction. Mention several facts to prove this work’s importance!
  • Background. Present several researches that have been already done on the chosen topic.
  • Main body. Divide this part into three informative paragraphs: definition of your problem, description of the methods, and presentation of the expected results.
  • Conclusions. Write what you expect from this work.

Do not forget to create a timetable in your master thesis proposal. You should complete your work on time, meeting all deadlines!

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    I want to write a thesis proposal from 10 to 15 pages. It is for seeking a master’s in English linguistics. What can you offer and how many days can i have it especially that I’m running in time.

    Thank you!