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APA format term paperAPA format term paper, also known as the American Psychological Association format of a term paper, is frequently used by the students to cite the sourses within their APA term papers. APA citation style is normally used to design papers on social sciences.
APA format presupposes observing a lot of requirements. What is more, APA format term papers have a great number of special features. The points stated below will number and explain to you all of them. But you should consider that some of these APA format requirements may vary, depending on your instructor’s preferences.
The APA format term paper main requirements and their main features are the following:

  • The student is required to double-space all the text of an APA format term paper;
  • It is necessary to use the standard size paper (8.5 X 11 inches) within the APA format term paper;
  • The margins have to be 1inch on each side of the APA format term paper;
  • One has to use Times New Roman or Arial font size 12pt;
  • Each part and section of your APA format term paper is to start on a new page;
  • The APA style front page has to have running head, byline and affiliation; it is also necessary to type in the author’s name, the supervisor’s name and the date of submission on the APA format front page;
  • The page numbers are to be put into the upper right corner of each page;
  • All of the APA format term paper headings have to be centered whithin a paper;
  • A sudent should also use in-text citation within his/her APA format term paper.

If your APA term paper corresponds to all the demands the APA citation style requires, you may feel safe about your paper and your A+!

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