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essays on novelsIf at the moment you think that writing an essay on a novel will be too complicated, do not hurry with conclusions like that. We know for sure that if you choose your fave story that you have read several times and learned almost by heart, writing this essay on novels will not be a big problem for you.
Besides, you can always find free novel essays, which will be a good start or useful tips, which will be a good writing guide as well. Information you will find in this article can serve as both a starting point and a guide for writing your novel essay.
Quick tips for preparing good essays on novels
Start with these simple rules:

  • Let us stress this once again: your chances to create an outstanding essay on a novel are much higher if you write about a story you know very well.
  • Once you get down to reading a novel, get equipped with a pencil and paper. You will have to underline or write out quotes, some passages from the book, important descriptions or dialogues. All these things will later support your essay on a novel.
  • Get additional instructions from your teacher. You need to clarify what exactly you need to do when writing your essay on novels. Are you supposed to analyze the main characters or address some major problems raised in the story?

Important elements of essays on novels
Like any other essay, essays on novels should include several essential points. They are:
Background info: you have to present general facts about the author, his/her work at the beginning of your novel essay.
Quotes: without quotes, your essay on novels will simply be incomplete and the teacher will never give you a good grade.
Here, you can find more details for writing essays about The Great Gatsby or tips for making novel book reports.

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