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Essay writing is one of the most common assignments students should perform. The types of essay are very different and it may be a bit frustrating to switch over from one type to another, especially, if you used to write long essays and, suddenly, you have to write a short one, like 1 page essay, for example.
What can be easier than a 1 page essay? Actually, it is not so easy task as it seems and you can meet considerable difficulties while working on your 1 page essay. What are the rules of writing a 1 page essay?

  1. The first difficulty related to the 1 page essay writing is that you will be limited with only one page and it will be your major challenge.
  2. Those limits disable you to express all your ideas. So, you will have to be very specific and choose the most significant ideas that will present your argument in a 1 page essay.
  3. If you want to complete your 1 page essay successfully, follow the next rules that will help you to write a good 1 page essay.
  4. Write a short and specific introduction with a thesis statement focused on the topic of your work.
  5. Make an outline of the introduction, body and conclusion of the 1 page essay. Try not to be too wordy and select the most important ideas.
  6. Your introduction should start with an interesting sentence and end up with a thesis statement.
  7. To introduce each paragraph of the 1 page essay, try to formulate only one sentence. Moreover, as every paragraph should contain a detailed explanation and example, try to choose one or two the most appropriate examples for each one in order to support your idea.
  8. The summary of a 1 page essay is a reversion of the introductory part and a summary of your essay.

Finally, try to avoid modal verbs and contraction.

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