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Writing an outline is rather helpful when working on a research paper. It helps to formulate and to structure the ideas for the future writing. Outlines are not the obligatory part of the research papers; however, some teachers and professors require them as an assignment. MLA research paper format is one of the most widespread formats used in academic writing. This article is devoted to describing the requirements of MLA research paper format to the outline.
MLA Research Paper Format: Outline Structure
According to MLA research paper format, an outline should have the following elements:

  • title
  • thesis
  • topics
  • subtopics
  • further subcategories

MLA research paper format implies that all the topics should contain the same number of subtopics. Create at least two subpoints for every point.
Make the points be equally important. Do not devote a separate point to some minor fact or argument. The subpoints should also be equal in terms of their content and importance.
MLA research paper format sets the following requirements:

  1. An outline should be double-spaced.
  2. Topics are numbered with the roman capital numerals, and subtopics are numbered with the capital letters.
  3. The title “Outline” is typed centered.
  4. The title should not be typed in capital letters:
  • Correct: Outline.
  • Incorrect: OUTLINE.

MLA research paper format requires typing the thesis, topics, and subtopics as follows:
Thesis: XXX. YYY. ZZZ. QQQ.

If you need to divide the subtopics further, MLA research paper format requires using the lower case letters to number the subcategories.
MLA research paper format requires using the complete sentences in the outline:

  • Correct: I. In A Doll’s House, Ibsen touches on the illusions dominating in the society.
  • Incorrect: I. The illusions dominating in society in Ibsen’s A Doll House.

The requirements of MLA research paper format are rather simple. However, following them is rather important: it makes your writing looking well and readable.

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