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There are different kinds of essays, and each of them has its purpose. An argumentative essay has its peculiarities that a student should know before he/she starts writing. In this article, we provide some hints on what an argumentative essay is and how it should be written.
An argumentative essay implies that you introduce your opinion on a certain controversial issue and provide persuasive arguments to support it. An argumentative essay is written as follows:

  1. Introduction: you introduce a problem and provide a thesis statement which contains your answer on an assignment question.
  2. Main body: you devote each paragraph to a separate argument.
  3. Conclusion: you summarize your arguments and re-state your thesis statement.

Below, we offer you some hints on writing a successful argumentative essay.
Argumentative Essay: Hint 1
A persuasive tone, as well as emotionality, are not equal to a persuasive argument, for example:

  • The phrases like “this measure is awful and absolutely unfair, it should be banned immediately” will hardly work in an argumentative essay.
  • A phrase like “there is no doubt that” or “everybody understands that” also cannot be considered an argument.

However, this does not mean that your argumentative essay should be dry and unemotional. You can formulate your arguments brightly and use different devices to impress a reader.
Argumentative Essay: Hint 2
In your argumentative essay, you should avoid logical mistakes, for example:

  1. Hasty generalization
  2. False cause-effect connection
  3. False analogy etc

Argumentative Essay: Hint 3
Arguments need evidence. You will not able to provide a reliable, persuasive argument without giving examples from real life. Thus, to write a good argumentative essay, you will always need to do a certain research.

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