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Critical essay writing implies that you read a work of literature, do analytical work on it and then, represent your ideas in essay form. Analyzing Oscar Wilde’s works is very interesting, as they are written with great talent and give a reader food for thought. Let us discuss how you can write a critical essay on Oscar Wilde by the example of his The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Oscar Wilde Critical Essays: What to Write about
In your Oscar Wilde critical essay, you will have to analyze Wilde’s work in several dimensions, for example:

  • The idea of a work
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Writing style
  • Literary devices

Oscar Wilde Critical Essays: Choosing a Line
You will have to touch upon many issues to in your paper. However, do not make your Oscar Wilde critical essay similar to a non-chronological report where separate paragraphs are devoted to studying a subject in different dimensions. Your critical essay on Oscar Wilde should contain a certain focus. For example, when talking about The Picture of Dorian Gray, you can focus on Wilde’s understanding of functions of art. If you work in this dimension, you will have to discuss the following issues in your critical essay on Oscar Wilde:

  1. What are Wilde’s main ideas about the functions of art expressed in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
  2. How does the author reflects these ideas in the destinies of Dorian Gray and Basil Hallward?
  3. Which ideas do you agree or disagree with?

Oscar Wilde Critical Essays: Hints on Writing
To write a really good Oscar Wilde critical essay on The Picture of Dorian Gray, try to follow these recommendations:

  • Read about the novel. You will learn how contemporary society reacted on Wilde’s work.
  • Read about Oscar Wilde. In your critical essay on Oscar Wilde, you can analyze how the writer reflected his life experience in his work.
  • When reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, put down quotations that you will later use in your Oscar Wilde critical essay in order to support your statements.

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