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text-editorDo you entirely rely on your text editor for finding the right words and the correct spelling? Yes, it is always there when you need it. Every time you want to write the word “entrepreneurship” or any other difficult word, you simply turn to your text editor. However, there are cases when text editor software can become your false friend. Take care! Do not be deceived by text editors! Here is a list of difficult cases, in which your text editors are of no assistance and it is only you who can edit your documents.

Text editor: tricky misspells

The following common misspells are number one in the list of mistakes that are not noticed by text editors:

  • your – you’re;
  • there – their, they’re
  • then – than;
  • its- it’s;
  • to – two, too;
  • anyway – any way.

Text editor: confusable words

The second large group of words that will jumble your text editors includes these confusables which are grammatically correct, but have absolutely different meanings:

  1. accept – except;
  2. amoral – immoral;
  3. adopt – adapt;
  4. break – brake;
  5. decent – descent;
  6. diary – dairy;
  7. desert – dessert;
  8. die- dye;
  9. faze – phase;
  10. gorilla – guerrilla;
  11. martial – marital;
  12. peace – piece;
  13. personnel – personal;
  14. reign – rain;
  15. through – threw;
  16. waist – waste.

Any of these pairs can deceive even the best text editor. If the spelling is correct, text editors consider any of these words as correct and do not care for the context and meaning. Try to take care of these confusables and choose the right variant for every single case.

A text editor can be intrusive

editor-of-textsWhat is even worse, your text editor can become intrusive and offer assistance when you do not actually need it. For example, when you need to use proper nouns or difficult terms in your papers, your text editor may warn you that these words are incorrect. The explanation is simple. The database of your text editor doesn’t contain those words. Yes, you may want to double check the spelling of proper nouns and specialized terms, but you do not need to worry. Text editors can be good, but still not perfect. Here are a few examples of correct spelling which can be marked by your text editor as wrong:

  • Walsingham (a British architect);
  • Wolpe (an American psychologist);
  • Bienvenu (an American scientist);
  • Bossangoa (a city in Central Africa);
  • Yiyang (a city in Central China).
  • aldehyde (a chemical term);
  • endotracheal (a medical term).

As you see, even if a word is marked by your text editor, it might still be correct. On the other hand, if the word is not marked by your text editor, it might still be wrong. So, you should take control of the situation and become an editor of texts. There are a lot of cases when you know better than your text editor software.

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