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bulleted-listIt’s time to make the lists that will help you with your academic writing! Why lists? Because academic writing requires research and research is best organized with lists.
So, let’s learn how to deal with lists.

Bulleted List: Defining the Phenomenon with Pinpoint Accuracy.

Now welcome our special guest – the question that students ask most often: “What is a bulleted list?”
A bulleted list is a list of equally important elements.
Now, wave good-bye to this problem and let’s move on.
Whenever dealing with a bulleted list, check whether you have to use the traditional bullet point range or you can be original…
Now that’s a lot to choose from! Let’s see how to get your list bulleted the right way in different formats.

Bulleted List in EVERY Possible Variation: Check This Table Out!

Which bulleted list style would you like to pick? Get ready to learn everything on how to specify a bulleted list in html, css and even asp format!

Html bulleted list Bulleted list css Asp bulleted list The way it’ll look
For an unordered list: ul tags
  • your text
  • your text
ul li {list-style type: square} < asp:BulletedList Runat=”Server” >
< asp: ListItem Text=”Item 1”/ >
< asp: ListItem Text=”Item 2”/ >
< asp: ListItem Text=”Item 3”/ >
< /asp:BulletedList >

    – Text 1
    – Text 2
    – Text 3
For an ordered list: ol tags
  1. your text
  2. your text
ol li {list-style type: square}

    1. Text X
    2. Text Y
    3. Text Z
Use < li > tags throughout the list! Use < li > tags throughout the list! Types of bullet points:

  • Circle
  • Disc
  • LowerAlpha
  • LowerRoman
  • Numbered
  • Squared
  • UpperAlpha
  • UpperRoman

    º text A
    ● text B
    a. text C
    i. text D
    1.text E
    ▪ text F
    A. text G
    I. text H

Congratulations – now you know everything you need about asp, css and html for bulleted list creation!

Bulleted List vs. Numbered List: Remember the Crucial Differences.

Finally, don’t forget that there’s a difference between numbers and bullets – so choose wisely!
Bulleted List

  • enumerates the elements
  • makes all elements equal
  • is used for short lists
  • conveys short messages

Numbered List

  • ranks the elements
  • introduces a hierarchy into the list
  • provides a considerable amount of information

You’re almost there – only 5 tips left. Learn everything about list-making!

Bulleted List Creation: Learn Five Important Recommendations!

Ta-da! Welcome the final recommendations for making lists:

  1. Be as concise as possible;
  2. Start with action verbs;
  3. Make the lines grammatically consistent;
  4. Include 3 to 6 items in your list;
  5. Keep the lines to a relatively equal length.

Well, now you have it all to create a perfect list – so start making it now!

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