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When writing cause and effect essays an effective, informative and above all structured introduction is necessary in order to help setup the data and arguments that will be utilized in the body of the paper. The introduction acts as a way of introducing the topic, the facts, contrasting and complimentary views and finally the method of comparison and contrast to be utilized by the researcher. As such for the introduction in this type of essay of particular issues, events and scientific discoveries the following format must be followed in order to sufficiently introduce the paper:

The First Paragraph of Cause and Effect Essays must present the Facts of the Case

An essay about cause and effect functions by presenting the facts of a case and the resulting or possible outcome of such actions. As such, the initial paragraph must have a topic sentence that immediately presents the issue at hand. The supporting details within the paragraph itself must also detail several aspects of the case as well whether in the form of statistics, quantitative data or other means of portraying the needed information.

The Second Paragraph of your Cause and Effect Essay Must Detail the Possible/Resulting Effects of Such Actions

After the initial paragraph has been written on your essay it then becomes necessary to present a brief summary of possible effects seen in other similar cases. While this particular section does not necessarily have to be incredibly detailed, readers should be able to immediately discern the facts presented in the 1st paragraph of your essay and discern the possible or resulting effects that might occur based on the example provided of a similar case. By doing this not only will the essay have a means of comparison but it also prepares readers for the various facts and arguments that will be presented in the body of the paper.

The Third and Last Paragraph of your Essay Must Indicate How the Arguments will be Utilized

In the last section of your introduction, the third paragraph must explain how cause and effect will be established. This involves explaining what particular aspects will be explored, how will they explored within your essay and what means of examination will be conducted.

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