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Students often think that there is nothing easier than writing descriptive essays. Look around and write about the blue sky, green grass and birds singing. Right? Not exactly… Still, you should not lose your enthusiasm. Let’s check this description essay example to understand the main principles of good descriptive writing.

Descriptive essay example: main criteria

Before taking a closer look at this sample descriptive essay, let’s discuss the main requirements for perfect descriptive writing:

  • Show, don’t tell. Try to provide plenty of details, so that your readers feel like they visited the place or met the person you are describing (you will see how this can be done if you have a look at the descriptive essay example posted below).
  • Use vivid language. Try to use similes and metaphors.
  • Use clear language. Do not go too far with using metaphors and similes. Do not confuse your readers, but make certain that your language means are adequate (for example, saying that a girl had a deep laugh, similar to the sound that a dog makes is not a good idea).
  • Use all your senses to create a picture. Recollect or imagine what you see, hear or smell and talk of how you feel (descriptive essay examples can even include these words: hear, look, smell, and feel).

Descriptive essay example

Now you may look for these features in an example of a descriptive essay:

It seems that there is no place to hide in the city that never sleeps. Thousands of strangers are everywhere – in the streets, buses and malls. When I want to relax or find the solution to an important problem, I come to this desert place on the roof of a multi-storey building, look at the stars that are bleak because of the millions of city lights and make the best decisions in my life.

The silence of this place makes my heart beat slowly. It is so quiet here that I can almost hear its every beat. Certainly, it is forbidden to walk on the roofs. There is a huge hazard warning sign on the last store. However, when the fresh wind is blowing into my face, I feel that I am doing nothing wrong. From this height, people look like small gray dots and seem unreal. Cars are small like toys. The sky is so close, that I want to touch it with my hand. The time stands still and does not matter at all in this place.

Some people cannot understand the beauty of cityscapes. It is because they never spent an hour or two on this desert roof, listening to the beat of their hearts and thoughts.

As you can see from this descriptive essay sample, complying with the requirements of good descriptive writing is possible. Use only the best examples of descriptive essays and create your own masterpieces.

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