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Once students feel they are lost in a bulk of unanswered questions on how to write their research papers, they naturally start looking for an example of research paper. Such example of research paper can be of use to students’ progress on their assignments. However, there are also underwater stones to keep in mind.
Example of Research Paper: The Benefits
The benefits of a good example of research paper are numerous. Here are but a few of them:

  1. a well-written example of research paper can serve as an excellent source of research paper vocabulary appropriate for your assignment;
  2. the student can trace an example of research paper for general principles of material organization and layout;
  3. it is possible to consult an example of research paper for good sources relevant to your topic.

Example of Research Paper: The Drawbacks
However attractive the perspective of using an example of research paper as a basis for your own writing may sound, beware of the following:

  1. examples of research paper are written on individual topics which may be irrelevant to your assignment;
  2. examples of research paper are not always the best samples of academic writing;
  3. copying ideas from an example of research paper may entail punishment for plagiarism;
  4. formatting of an example of research paper may be outdated.

Example of Research Paper: Keep Safe
In order to maximize your learning from an example of research paper and to avoid the traps this sample may contain, mind the following:

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essay on disaster managementNatural disasters and all other kinds of calamities can happen to any nation and can touch anybody. Although the great majority of disasters can be predicted, results they lead to are just catastrophic and rather difficult to manage.
So, the topic of your next written assignment is disasters and ways of managing them. If you have not worked out a good plan for writing your essay on disaster management yet, our tips will be helpful.

  1. First, we have to say that personal experience can be a good basis for disaster management papers. So, if you have suffered from any kind of disaster or you know somebody who has, share this experience in your disaster management essay.
  2. Second, you need to think of a good example you can introduce in the essay on disaster management. Recollect some recent hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods that took place in the world. Tell in your essay on disaster management how the outcomes of that disaster were managed.
  3. Finally, a good essay on disaster management should include several important background points:

Major and minor natural disasters
Natural disasters are classified in these two groups, and you should tell about them in your essay on disaster management. Major natural disasters are earthquakes, floods, cyclones, droughts, etc. Minor are fire accidents, landslides, avalanches, etc.
Impact of disasters
Explain in your essay on disaster management what consequences these natural phenomena lead to. You can mention the following: loss of life, injury, loss of housing, damage to infrastructure, etc.
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How to Write an Action Research Proposal

Posted on October 31st, 2008

action research proposalWhen dealing with action research papers, students should be ready to prepare good action research proposals. If you need to write an action research proposal and have no time for studying long tutorials on how to do it, this article should interest you.
Do you have any idea of how to compose a worthwhile action research proposal? Well, you will get all necessary answers within this article.
Let us get down to business right now!
An action research proposal is a paper that pursues two major purposes:

  • To give a plan of your action research project;
  • To present the main idea of research that will be done.

Any action research proposal should be written in accordance with a certain structure. In order to help you and save your time, we offer one of the possible action research proposal outlines. Even more, we offer you the questions to answer in each chapter of your action research proposal:
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Nursing Literature Reviews: How to Write Them

Posted on October 21st, 2008

nursing literature reviewNursing literature reviews aim to evaluate critically the sources that a writer used to conduct nursing research. Perhaps it sounds a bit challenging, but possible, especially with our help. So, follow the guidelines presented below in order to make a good nursing literature review.
Tips for making nursing literature reviews

  1. Set the purpose of your nursing literature review
    The purpose of a nursing literature review depends on its topic. If, for instance, your topic is ‘Nursing and Medical Ethics’, the purpose of your nursing literature review will be to analyze critically the theoretical and methodological works of medical experts related to Nursing and Medical Ethics.
  2. Tell about the sources used in your nursing literature review
    What types of publications did you use to write your nursing literature review (e.g. books, journals, popular media, etc)?
  3. Evaluate the process of gathering information
    Mind the formal style and the simplicity of sentences when writing this part of your nursing literature review. Just answer the questions: Was your search wide enough to ensure you found relevant information? Is the number of sources appropriate and satisfies all the requirements?
  4. Evaluate your analysis of the sources
    Did you analyze the sources critically? Did you assess those discussing strengths and weaknesses instead of just summarizing?

How to discuss each source in particular?
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MLA research papersMLA is the style of citing and making references established by Modern Language Association. It means that if you are assigned to make your MLA research paper, you need to follow the rules required. So, in this article we present the golden rules of MLA research paper writing:

  1. Double-space the entire document of your MLA research paper;
  2. Make use of any legible font while writing your MLA research paper. The example of a legible font is Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial;
  3. Use 10-12 size font for making your research paper in MLA style;
  4. Make your MLA research paper margins 1 inch from each side;
  5. Use a single space after punctuation;
  6. Give each of your MLA research paper pages a corresponding page number arranged in a chronological consecution;
  7. Set a page number in the upper right hand corner of your MLA research paper project;
  8. Enclose the titles of the books, journals, magazines, essays when quoting information taken from these sources in your MLA research paper;
  9. Bold-type or italicize the titles enclosed into the quotation remarks given;
  10. Enclose the words by an author into quotes, like “As Smith considers (75), the …”;

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Research Proposal Topics

Posted on August 5th, 2008

Are you at a loss because of having no idea of what to choose among offered research proposal topics? Then this article is what you really need. It will help you make the right choice of your research proposal topic and get real pleasure from the work you will be doing.
In order to make the right choice of research proposal topics, you should take into account 3 the most important things: your personal preferences, the needs of the research community and availability of the sources.

  • Why personal preferences? Hardly is it a difficult question to answer. If you have a desire, you will get motivation along with inspiration. It is extremely important not to place your faith only in your supervisor’s advice while looking through a list of research proposal topics. Research proposal topics are interesting only when you, but not your supervisor, are interested in them;
  • Why the needs of the research community? You should also take into account the fact that the research community experts know more about the research area chosen than you do. The list of research proposal topics offered is approved by the research community. Moreover, the purpose of research proposal topics they offer is to help you choose a good subject for your proposal. So, the list of research proposal topics kept in your university library is better not to ignore but take advantage of it;

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Free Research Proposal Template

Posted on July 29th, 2008

research proposal templateThe necessity of any research proposal template is obvious, whether you write a market research proposal or a business research proposal! This article will provide you with interesting hints on writing a good piece of work – such research proposal template is a great discovery for many students.
Here are several issues of research proposal templates, which you should know to create a perfect work. So, find time to read this short research proposal template to make your writing process a little bit easier.
Research proposal template: Essence
Research proposals are such kinds of writing that present some general and brief information on the procedure of research.
Research proposal template: Purpose
Research proposals are important for moving on to dissertation or thesis writing. Members of the committee should approve this work. Only under such circumstances, you can continue the writing process.
Research proposal template: Structure
Research proposals, as a rule, have several elements, which are to be included. You should know them:
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Research Proposal Methodology

Posted on June 27th, 2008

research proposal methodologyDo you know that the key element of your research proposal will be its methodology section? Why is this part so important for your examiners? Let us explain the significance of your research proposal methodology for your teachers.
Imagine, you are writing a Business research proposal on the subject of competition in the global market. You are trying to convince your examiners that you will manage to cover this broad topic. However, how can they believe you if you do not tell them about the methods you intend to use in order to assess and study competition in the world?! Will you take advantage of some econometric formulas, or will you simply reflect your subjective opinion on the issue?! Based on your research proposals methodology, they will either approve or disapprove your topic.
Now, it is time to talk about some research proposal methodology examples:

  • Literature overview. This is one of the most common research proposals methodology examples, since this is the easiest way to research: you open a source, read it and analyze it.
  • Conducting an experiment. In comparison with the previous research proposal methodology, this one is much more complicated. You need to have some kind of a laboratory with all necessary devices to conduct a fairly good experiment.
  • Using formulas for your estimations. This research proposal methodology is perfect for all kinds of Business studies papers. Your examiners will certainly like the fact that you are aware of these formulas.

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Research Project Proposal Writing Steps

Posted on April 14th, 2008

research project proposalDo you know how to write your research project proposals? Do you know what the purposes of research project proposal writing are? Do you know what should be taken into consideration while writing a research project proposal? If you answer “no” to each of these questions, we can help you with your research project proposal writing.
Below you will find the steps that you should take in order to write your research project proposals.

  1. Decide what problem you will be dealing with. It is necessary to investigate the topic that really interests you, otherwise, you will have no motivation and desire to conduct your research and write your research project proposal;
  2. Think why your topic is so important to investigate. Try your best to convince your reader in the significance of your research while writing your research project proposal paper;
  3. Get to know the historical background of the problem you will be investigating. Your research project proposal should present the way you have found out that the chosen topic needs to be investigated;
  4. Formulate the objectives of your research and illustrate them in your research project proposal. Say what you are going to investigate and find out;
  5. Choose the methods that will be the most applicable in relation to your topic. Finally, devote one of your research project proposal chapters to methodology;

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