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A Comprehensive Book Report Outline

Posted on October 2nd, 2008

book report outlineYou are holding a book that you should make a report on. What to start a book report with? How to make it so that all the necessary information was highlighted and nothing was missed? Is not it a good reason to look for a comprehensive book report?
No need to search anymore, since it is already here!
Book Report Outline: Point 1
The Author of the Book
Who is the author of the book? What is the prehistory of writing this book?
Book Report Outline: Point 2
The Main Subject of the Book
What is the book about? Give a short summary of a book in one or two sentences here.
Book Report Outline: Point 3
The Main Idea of the Book
What did its author want to show/criticize/reject/approve in his or her book? What message did he/she want to report?
Book Report Outline: Point 4
The Central Figures of the Book
What figures does its author focus on? Are these characters positive or negative?
Book Report Outline: Point 5
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How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal

Posted on September 18th, 2008

master thesis proposalsYou have one more written assignment, and you should find any possible ways to complete it properly. You know that it is your master thesis proposal, and its successful accomplishment will influence your future work!
So, with the help of this article you will become aware of how to prepare a good master’s thesis proposal meeting all necessary requirements.
First, it is very important to define a master thesis proposal. You should know for sure what particularly should be done. Of course, we may turn for help to different dictionaries in order to explain what a master thesis proposal is. Still, not every student can really comprehend its essence. So, our explanation of a master thesis proposal should be clear and valid.
A master thesis proposal is an outline of your future serious project – thesis. It is a must to prepare a quality master thesis proposals, as the thesis committee will approve it and a lot depends on their decision.
To get perfect results, you need to remember one thing – any academic paper should be properly structured. Your master thesis proposal should be organized in a certain way as well.
So, let us point out the main chapters of a master thesis proposal:
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Thesis Abstract: Tips on Writing

Posted on July 22nd, 2008

thesis abstractAbstract of a thesis is a short informative summary of the research conducted. Inspite of the fact that any thesis abstract is read first, it is mostly written (this is the right way) only after the report is completed. A thesis abstract is placed on a separate page after the table of contents.
What does an abstract of a thesis serve for? The main purpose of a thesis abstract is to give readers general information about the whole paper and research conducted.
Here are some basic tips on effective thesis abstract writing.

  1. Read the final variant of the project. Your theses abstract requires the most essential information to be presented. So, you need to do a thoughtful reading;
  2. Think over the general information you would like to include into your thesis abstract. Since an abstract of a thesis has to be no more than 10% of a thesis length, you have to choose the most important issues for your thesis abstract;
  3. Be sure to include key facts, statistics, etc. into the first draft of your thesis abstract;
  4. Omit tables, lengthy examples and other supporting details while making the draft of your thesis abstract. A thesis abstract should be 150-300 words long, so any auxiliary information will be inappropriate in your thesis abstract;

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How to Make a Strong Thesis Statement

Posted on May 15th, 2008

thesis statementThesis statements are the most important elements of any piece of writing. A thesis statement is the start point of any research that every writer has to conduct in discussion of the problem touched upon in a text. That is why number one purpose of every writer is to make a thesis statement effective and strong. If you are beating your head over making your thesis statement effective, the tips below will help you greatly.

  • Brevity is the sister of talent. Such a worn phrase seems to be relevant at all times. You do not have to make your thesis statement extra-long in order for your reader to get the idea you are going to convey. The shorter your thesis statement will be, the better impression on your reader it will make
  • Triviality of the problem will make no effect. You need to think of the problem that could bring a real sensation to your readers. Although, do not forget that everything genius is simple. Sometimes it is even more effective to write down a simple sentence that you will have to prove on paper (your thesis statement) just for yourself and come back to it in order to edit it later on;

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Philosophy Thesis Ideas

Posted on April 2nd, 2008

thesis ideasLet me tell you that you are really worth of respect if you are writing your thesis in Philosophy. A lot of people regard Philosophy to be as complicated as Mathematics. Still, it is not about you.
Nevertheless, you are looking here for some tips on philosophy thesis ideas. We will definitely give you some hints. I think that your main problem is a topic, since some organizational issues can be easily found in various manuals on writing dissertations and theses. That is why our thesis ideas will concern the topic of your work.

  • First of all, you should define the field of Philosophy where you are going to search for some necessary thesis ideas. Let me remind you that Philosophy includes the next branches: metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, applied philosophy.
  • We suggest you to search for a topic and some thesis ideas in the field of social and political philosophy. The issues of this field will always be acute and up-to-date, since society and politics are the problems that can be discussed forever.
  • If you like this field of Philosophy, we want to suggest you some thesis ideas on such a phenomenon as anarchism. This phenomenon emerged many centuries ago. It still exists and has various forms and manifestations.
  • Our next thesis ideas are about Marxism – another very popular concept within the field of political Philosophy. Here we have a piece of advice for you. Do not go into the historical details of Marxism too much. It is better to think of some thesis ideas on the modern forms of Marxism, such as neo-Marxism or post Marxism.

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Thesis Introduction Writing

Posted on January 12th, 2008

Thesis introduction is the first part of a thesis paper. Thesis introduction allows the readers to get the general idea of what your thesis is about. Thesis introduction acquaints the readers with the thesis paper topic, explaining the basic points of the thesis research and pointing the direction of your research.
Thesis introduction has to contain the following information:
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