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What is a thesis statementWhat is a thesis statement? Not every student can answer this question precisely. Do you know what a thesis statement is? Let us find out what you know about it.
What is a thesis statement? Your definition

  • A thesis statement is one or two sentences that can be defined as a roadmap to your work.
  • A thesis statement is a kind of a summary of what your work is about.
  • A thesis statement is your interpretation of the significance of the subject under discussion.

So, do these definitions explain what a thesis statement means? Actually, all of them are good explanations.
What is a thesis statement? How to develop it?
If you want to make a strong thesis statement, you have to be ready for quite a lengthy thinking process. You have to:

  1. Understand your assignment correctly;
  2. Collect enough material, read, and analyze it;
  3. Consider the interrelation between facts;
  4. Decide whether this interrelation is significant.

What are the distinctive features of a thesis statement?
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A Comprehensive Book Report Outline

Posted on October 2nd, 2008

book report outlineYou are holding a book that you should make a report on. What to start a book report with? How to make it so that all the necessary information was highlighted and nothing was missed? Is not it a good reason to look for a comprehensive book report?
No need to search anymore, since it is already here!
Book Report Outline: Point 1
The Author of the Book
Who is the author of the book? What is the prehistory of writing this book?
Book Report Outline: Point 2
The Main Subject of the Book
What is the book about? Give a short summary of a book in one or two sentences here.
Book Report Outline: Point 3
The Main Idea of the Book
What did its author want to show/criticize/reject/approve in his or her book? What message did he/she want to report?
Book Report Outline: Point 4
The Central Figures of the Book
What figures does its author focus on? Are these characters positive or negative?
Book Report Outline: Point 5
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A Good Example of a Thesis

Posted on September 22nd, 2008

examples of a thesisMany institutions have databases containing past works written by their graduates. You may visit the one stored in your university library and find a lot of interesting thesis examples there.
Some of the examples of a thesis may disappoint you and you will not be able to find what you really need. However, there are a lot of thesis examples that can be really useful!
That is why you should not stop your searches for a good example of a thesis if once failed! You may wonder why you need any examples of a thesis. Well, everything is quite clear! Just imagine that you have no ideas of how to start the writing process, moreover, you cannot even decide on a topic for your thesis!
In other words, your career of a thesis writer starts not the way you wanted! So, you should do something to change the situation. You need to present a good thesis paper! One of the possible ways to start working is to see how it was done by someone else – find several thesis examples!
Well, what is it, a good example of a thesis?
A good example of a thesis should present a clear thesis template. It will be a plan according to which the rest of your work will be done. Besides, a good example of a thesis (for you particularly) is the one written in the style your own thesis should be formatted in.
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How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal

Posted on September 18th, 2008

master thesis proposalsYou have one more written assignment, and you should find any possible ways to complete it properly. You know that it is your master thesis proposal, and its successful accomplishment will influence your future work!
So, with the help of this article you will become aware of how to prepare a good master’s thesis proposal meeting all necessary requirements.
First, it is very important to define a master thesis proposal. You should know for sure what particularly should be done. Of course, we may turn for help to different dictionaries in order to explain what a master thesis proposal is. Still, not every student can really comprehend its essence. So, our explanation of a master thesis proposal should be clear and valid.
A master thesis proposal is an outline of your future serious project – thesis. It is a must to prepare a quality master thesis proposals, as the thesis committee will approve it and a lot depends on their decision.
To get perfect results, you need to remember one thing – any academic paper should be properly structured. Your master thesis proposal should be organized in a certain way as well.
So, let us point out the main chapters of a master thesis proposal:
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Thesis Proposal Formatting

Posted on August 29th, 2008

theses proposalOne of the requirements for a thesis proposal is that it should be made in an appropriate format. That is why every thesis writer should know how to format his/her thesis proposal project and what information to include into it.
We are ready to present you the way of formatting theses proposal that is the most widely used in academic institutions.

  1. Theses proposal format: Title page
    • Information on the members of the committee;
    • Time needed to complete each of the proposal parts;
    • Total number of units requested in research.
  2. Thesis proposal format: Introduction
    • Background information on your research;
    • Duration of your investigation in total.
  3. Theses proposal format: Significance of your investigation
    • The importance and significance of the research you intend to conduct. Explain the significance of your research so that even a non-specialist might comprehend the logic of your intentions;
  4. Theses proposal format: Purposes
    • What objectives are you pursuing?

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Thesis Abstract – Some Silly Mistakes

Posted on August 14th, 2008

thesis abstractsWhat can be easier than writing a thesis abstract?! Actually, thesis abstract writing can become a real problem. So, in order to avoid this potential problem, you need to go through this article.
Here is our list of mistakes that students have made while writing their thesis abstracts:

  • Thesis abstract – mistake number 1: this piece of writing did not present good thesis ideas. Students, being involved in thesis abstract writing, did not realize that short does not mean meaningless. They simply reflected general thesis ideas with no real value, so they had to rewrite theses abstracts a lot of times.
  • Thesis abstract – mistake number 2: this work was way too long. “Keep it short!”- many students forget this easy rule, failing to meet thesis abstract format and length requirements.
  • Thesis abstract – mistake number 3: thesis abstracts were not based on a thesis statement. Your thesis abstract is a longer version of your thesis statement, basically. So, you need to focus on your thesis idea, adding some relevant and informative details about it, – this is a formula for making your thesis abstract.
  • Thesis abstract – mistake number 4: students have used some complicated terminology in their papers. This piece is so short that you should not include any specific terms, complicated sentences. “Keep it simple”- one more rule for you to remember.

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Thesis Abstract: Tips on Writing

Posted on July 22nd, 2008

thesis abstractAbstract of a thesis is a short informative summary of the research conducted. Inspite of the fact that any thesis abstract is read first, it is mostly written (this is the right way) only after the report is completed. A thesis abstract is placed on a separate page after the table of contents.
What does an abstract of a thesis serve for? The main purpose of a thesis abstract is to give readers general information about the whole paper and research conducted.
Here are some basic tips on effective thesis abstract writing.

  1. Read the final variant of the project. Your theses abstract requires the most essential information to be presented. So, you need to do a thoughtful reading;
  2. Think over the general information you would like to include into your thesis abstract. Since an abstract of a thesis has to be no more than 10% of a thesis length, you have to choose the most important issues for your thesis abstract;
  3. Be sure to include key facts, statistics, etc. into the first draft of your thesis abstract;
  4. Omit tables, lengthy examples and other supporting details while making the draft of your thesis abstract. A thesis abstract should be 150-300 words long, so any auxiliary information will be inappropriate in your thesis abstract;

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Thesis Template

Posted on June 3rd, 2008

thesis templateYou are going to write a thesis, aren’t you? There can be no doubts that you will cope with this task successfully. Still, it will be wrong to deny any kind of help. What I mean is a thesis template.
When writing a thesis, the importance of a thesis template should not be underestimated.
As you know, there exist different styles of writing a thesis. If you have some problems with formatting and designing your thesis, you can make use of a thesis template. How? Well, you can find a lot of different thesis templates in the Internet: databases, special web-sites, online libraries.
If your thesis should be written in APA style, then you need to look for a thesis template in this particular style. Having the necessary thesis template, you get a chance to clarify some unclear issues: what chapters to include, in what order they should follow, how to structure your bibliography list, etc.
Besides, you can find some useful linking phrases in a thesis template, which will help you organize your ideas logically.
One more argument in favor of a thesis templates is that it is free of charge and available: you can find it not only online, but also at the university library, ask you tutor to give you some, etc.
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Creating a Good Thesis Statement

Posted on May 29th, 2008

thesis statementSome students do not pay too much attention to a thesis statement when writing their papers. I should say that this is a wrong position, because a thesis statement is, actually, a significant part of the introductory paragraph of your paper.
A thesis statement is just a sentence or two long. However, in these two sentences you can introduce the importance of your work, and thus draw the reader’s attention. Do you want somebody to get interested and read your work? If you do, then writing a thesis statement is something you will have to learn.
The following tips will help you understand the process of creating thesis statements.

  • First of all, you have to define the type of the paper you are writing. There are three basic types of papers: analytical, argumentative and expository (explanatory). All three types require a thesis statement.
  • If you are writing another kind of paper, for instance narrative, thesis statements still may be necessary. This is better to be discussed with your tutor.
  • Try to make your thesis statement as clear and specific as possible. Do not give details or some additional information. Write only those things that are going to be discussed within your work. What is more, you will have to think about at least one supportive argument for your thesis statements.

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Working with a Sample Thesis Proposal

Posted on May 28th, 2008

sample thesis proposalWhen it is high time to write a thesis proposal, a lot of students spend hours thinking on the correct organization of this part of thesis writing. But what is the point of sitting and doing nothing? If you are looking for some ideas just in your head, it is more likely that writing a proposal will take a lot of time.
The thing that will really help you is a sample thesis proposal. I hope you get me right at this point. I do not suggest you to use a sample thesis proposal as your own one, just with some corrections in the text.
I suggest you to find a worthy sample thesis proposals and use it as a manual to action. You know that a good example is more valuable than hundreds of explanations. You have to see everything, to understand every detail. Thus, you will be able to do your own work.
So, let us talk about the way you should work with a sample thesis proposal.

  • First, you will definitely need to find an approved and a correct sample thesis proposal. An example with mistakes is something that you should beware of. All those mistakes will appear in your work, which will not bring you to the excellent results.

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