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lifelong learning essayIn our rapidly developing world, knowledge and education play an even more significant role than ever. Learning and education should not be confined to school or college settings. People should look for other ways to gain new knowledge and never stop learning new things.
This is what the concept of lifelong learning or LLL is actually about. You have a chance to investigate it deeper and learn new things while writing a lifelong learning essay.
What your work on the lifelong learning essay should start with? Well, first it is necessary to get a more detailed definition of the concept. Then, we recommend you sort out what other related terms mean, like community education, work-based learning, further education, etc. You may include these points into your lifelong learning essay to make it more informative.
Then, in the lifelong learning essay, provide arguments and reasons why learning on the on-going basis is actually important nowadays. Try to develop the following arguments in your lifelong learning essay:

  • economic changes;
  • technological progress;
  • globalization and internationalization;
  • aging population, etc.

Do not forget to find and present statistical data, examples, and some facts to support your arguments.
Finally, it seems to be a good idea to narrow down the scope of your lifelong learning essays a little. One of the ways you can go is explain how the concept is used in different countries, how successful it is, etc. For instance, your lifelong learning essay can be devoted to Japan, India, or Sweden and their programs of lifelong learning. Try to evaluate how effectively they work and how this or that country benefits from such programs.
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Leadership Essay Writing

Posted on March 13th, 2010

leadership essayA leadership essay proved to be one of the most effective academic tasks in business schools. The reason is simple: writing essays on leaders not only improves your writing skills but also gives you an opportunity to mature your own leadership abilities before that hard life beyond college walls starts testing your strengths and weaknesses.
So, let us begin with the foremost component of every essay — a topic. There are two possibilities: either a professor wants you to present your own vision of leadership or he/she provides you with a specific topic. In either way, your leadership essay will be based on literature sources.
Essays on leaders: your own vision
Certainly, you can delve deep into yourself and try to define this concept and its features. But believe us, your leadership essay will be much more valid if you analyze the life and personality of prominent leaders.
Choose a leader you admire. It does not matter whether he/she is a politician, a successful businessmen, or a leader of a music band.
Examine the life of the leader and try to define the reasons of his/her success. In what forms did his/her leadership manifest itself? Try to define the features of an ideal leader.
Essays on leaders: specific topics
Use specific literature if you are provided with a concrete topic for the leadership essay. Obviously, if you are to write about “Political leadership and its peculiarities”, search for information about famous politicians or about artists if you are to write an essay on artists.
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essay on englandEngland is one of the most developed European countries with rich history and culture. There is a huge number of famous personalities who come from England. England is the homeland of Shakespeare and Lord Byron, Beatles and Rolling Stones, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.
This short introduction means that the number of ideas to cover in essays on England is just endless. This is exactly why you are stumped right now.
Although it is really hard to make the right choice of a topic, it is possible. Thus, let us assist you in choosing good issues and completing England essays. Below, we offer several common topics students tend to discuss in England essays. If you have absolutely no other ideas, try covering one of them in your essay on England.
The Industrial Revolution
This topic is frequently discussed, but it is still a good idea for your essay on England. Late 1800s, when the Revolution began, was a turning point not only for England but also for many other countries around the world.
In your England essay, consider the main aspects of the Industrial Revolution.
Elizabethan England
This period in English history is often referred to as the Golden Age, which is why it is definitely worth discussing in essays on England. Things you may touch upon are as follows:

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Layout of a Book Report

Posted on December 28th, 2009

layout of a book reportMany students confuse the layout of a book report with a book review’s layout. Usually, they think these two pieces of writing have one and the same purpose. It is not so, moreover, they do not have that much in common.
A book report concentrates on facts. A book report writer aims at presenting the necessary information about the author, book, place and year of publication. It is necessary to give a brief summary of a book.
A book review is concentrated on writer’s personal attitude to the book. It is also necessary to present some general facts about the book. Still, much attention is paid to one’s personal opinion.
In this article we will present one of the possible layouts of a book report. When you know the nature of any book report, it is necessary to know how to write it correctly. Use the example we will provide you with below and enjoy the fluent and easy writing.
With the help of the book report layout you can see that your task is to describe the key events that took place in the narration, its characters, plot and its main idea.
Layout of a book report: point 1
Before you start reading, you should make some notes in order to remember:

  • Author’s name and his\her works;
  • Title of a book and what it hides behind;
  • Publication info;
  • Number of pages.

Layout of a book report: point 2
When you read, make some notes and be attentive to the details:

  • Characters’ names and their personal traits;
  • The main idea of the story and what you have learnt from it;
  • Quotes that allow you to concentrate on the details.

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essay strategiesProbably, you have lost hope to sort out how to write excellent essays. You know that a B is your typical grade on essays, and you have no idea what essay strategies can be used to improve it.
Well, we agree that sometimes writing essays is so boring. Teachers tend to make the standards of a good paper higher each time. And you are sure that there are some absolutely secret essay writing strategies that you will never manage to find out.
You know, we have good news for you. Effective essay writing strategies are not secret or sophisticated as you might think. Try using the following essay writing strategies next time when working on your paper.
Essay writing strategies: mind mapping and brainstorming
These good old methods help to come up with an interesting idea for an essay, but unfortunately, they are frequently neglected these days. Students use Internet most of the times, which usually provides some standard ideas and topics.
Thus, next time start working on your paper with brainstorming.
Essay writing strategies: working on an attention-grabber
Making a “hook” in your introduction is one of the biggest challenges of essay writing. Yet, we know that many students forget about such simple essay strategies of creating a “hook” as:

  • asking a question;
  • telling an anecdote;
  • inserting a quote, etc.

Essay writing strategies: a bit of creativity
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essay on world peace2048… All people around the globe are tired of wars, conflicts, and stereotypes. All nations signed the Global Peace Treaty, and finally, the world peace was achieved.
Do you think such situation can ever happen? Do you believe that one day people will have nothing to share, will be equal, and will have no single argument for having a conflict with each other?
This will be the main idea of your essay on world peace. You will have to answer one major question when working on your essay about global peace – is it really possible?
Let our writers help you a bit and present a kind of plan for making essays on world peace.
Essays on world peace: point 1
First, we recommend you define what world peace actually means. Is it only the world without wars or are there some other factors affecting the global peace? If you know these factors, list them and provide brief explanations.
Essays on world peace: point 2
Under what circumstances do you think the world peace would be possible? You may consider the following in your essay about world peace:

  • Eliminating all governments and creating one global government;
  • Making everybody equal, getting rid of poverty and different social classes;
  • Eliminating national cultures and making one simple culture for all nations with single language, traditions, beliefs, etc.

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essay on child developmentOne day, you will have your own baby. And it depends only on you and the way you bring up your child what kind of person he/she will be in the future. This is why writing an essay on child development can be a really precious experience and a chance for you to learn some basic principles of bringing up children.
Child development is a really complicated process that starts from the very first days of a child’s life. It means that issues you can consider in papers on child development are just endless. This, definitely, makes you a bit confused and you do not know what topic to choose for your child development essay.
Thus, we suppose several topic ideas from our writers are what you need right now.
Essays on child development: idea #1
Many students who take child development class have experience in taking care of an electronic baby. Therefore, your teacher may ask you to describe this experience in your child development essay. Particularly, you have to compare your knowledge about taking care of a child before and after this experiment.
Essays on child development: idea #2
If you did not have to take care of an electronic baby, you may focus on any problem associated with child development. For instance, you can investigate the impact of money on children. They say that kids from middle class families who do not have sophisticated toys like talking robots, etc. are more creative. Research some other facts and present the results in your essay on child development.
Essays on child development: idea # 3
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documented essaysWhat do you know about documentary and documented essays? Can you tell what the difference between these two types of work is?
If you need to prepare one of these essays but have some doubts about how to do it, this article will be rather useful. Let our writers briefly explain you what documentary and documented essays are about.
Documented essays
Some students think that writing a documented essay is the same as writing a research paper. On the one hand, it is true. On the other hand, a documented essay is not about a full-scale research.
Documented essays, as a rule, should be no less than 1000 words long. All the sources used for writing a documented essay should be properly cited, using either MLA or APA style. This is exactly what students usually do when writing research papers. That is why documented essays are sometimes called research papers.
Let us give you some hints on how to succeed in writing documented essays.

  • Plan everything and make several drafts. Documented essays are rather long, and thorough planning will help you stay focused on a topic.
  • Your topic should be narrowed. Usually, turning your topic into a particular question helps to narrow down the focus.
  • Make sure all ideas in your paper are logically organized and connected.
  • Do not forget to stick to the requirements of the required citation style.

Documentary essays
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great white shark essayWhat do you associate with great white sharks? Most of you will say that these are terrible creatures that kill people mercilessly. Yes, this is how great white shark are depicted in the movies Jaws by Steven Spielberg and Shark Attacks by Bob Misiorowski?
However, did you know that great white sharks play an important role in today’s ecology? This is what we offer to cover in your great white shark paper.
If you want your paper about great white sharks to stand out, you need to find some interesting or even weird facts about great white sharks. Thus, check out our three suggestions for great white shark essays.
Idea # 1 for your great white shark essay
Sharks feed on sea lions, turtles, and seals. However, did you know that they eat sick and injured ocean inhabitants as well? This way, they prevent plagues spreading and clean the ocean? Disclose this idea and present more details in your essay about great white sharks.
Idea # 2 for your great white shark essay
Did you know that great white sharks have poor eyesight? This is why they can easily fall into a trap set by people. So, a man remains the biggest threat for a great white shark.
Idea # 3 for your great white shark essay
Did you know that a great white shark should keep moving to breathe? What happens when it stops? How long can a great white shark be motionless? Answer these and many other questions in your great white shark paper.
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An Essay about Myself: How to Write It

Posted on June 9th, 2009

essay on myselfThere are different situations when students can be asked to write an essay “about myself”. It means that you might have to write an essay about yourself several times.
Essays on “myself”, self descriptive essays, or essays on the self… No matter how teachers and professors call them, their gist remains the same. You have to give necessary details about your personality, your experiences, and achievements.
So, if you have no clue how to write an essay about yourself, let us present you some useful hints.
First, you need to understand the purpose of writing essays about yourself. You can be asked to prepare an essay “on myself” on the first day in college, just to provide professors with basic info about you.
You may also be dealing with this task when entering college or applying for a scholarship. Certainly, the content of your essay “on myself” may be a bit different depending on the case.
Second, with the above mentioned in mind, you have to think of the points to include into your essay “about myself”.
If you just need to make a kind of presentation of yourself in college, you may focus on:

  • things you like and dislike;
  • your favorite subjects;
  • your hobbies and interests, etc.

If you are applying for a scholarship, your essay “on myself” should include the following:

  • your academic achievements;
  • previous scientific experiences;
  • your strong and weak points;
  • your future goals, etc.

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