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introduction-to-poetry-analysisIntroduction to Poetry is one of the famous poems by Billy Collins. In it, the author expresses his views on the interpretation of poetry. In addition, he shows the most common mistakes that people can make while studying poetry and literature, in general. This article will give several insights into this poem and show how it can be interpreted and analyzed.

Introduction to Poetry Analysis: Understanding a Work of Art

In his poem, Billy Collins attempts to demonstrate that there is no universal way of studying and understanding poetry. He shows how students and even professional critics can misinterpret and misunderstand. This is how Collins describes their efforts:
But all they want to do
is tie the poem to a chair with rope
and torture a confession out of it.
They begin beating it with a hose
to find out what it really means.
(Billy Collins)
Overall, he stresses the idea that a poem is not a mathematical equation that can be easily solved by a single method. Such an approach to literature is utterly flawed because it completely overlooks the individuality of the author.

Introduction to Poetry Analysis: Analyzing Literature

Introductions to Poetry is a very interesting work because it shows how people can approach literary works. Here are some examples that you may consider:

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blog-topicsYou surely know how to surf Internet, don’t you? However, there’s still one thing about it that can puzzle you pretty much and that’s creating your own blog and coming up with a blog topic.
Blog Topics Development: Use Some Really Mind-Blowing Ideas!
There’s the time when every student goes like, “Topics for blog?! Whoa!”(Picture 1). However, there’s something you surely don’t know about creating good topics for a blog – it is actually a lot of fun!
Blog Topics Evolution: Help People Improve Their Specific Skills
“What are the topics I can use for my blog?” students ask. There are a bazillion of ideas to write about, but you’d better offer your pieces of advice. Tips are most people’s favorite read.

  1. Writing Style: Several Steps to Eloquence;
  2. Start Your Self-Development: A Journey, not a Crusade;
  3. Effective Exercises: Your Fitness Is Just Around the Corner;
  4. Second Language Learning: Learn to Think the Foreign Way;
  5. How to Succeed in Business: Recipes for a Rapid Career Growth;
  6. The Art of Friends-Making: Learning to Socialize.

Offer readers something that’ll help them develop, and you’ll see how successful your blog can be!
Blog Topics Evolution: Define Something That Hardy Anyone Knows
You can also provide a description for a widely searched phenomenon. Here is a possible blog topic list:

  1. Organizational Management and Its Basic Elements;
  2. Healthy Eating and Vegetarianism: Any Difference?
  3. Is There a Doctor in the House? Family and Marriage Therapy;
  4. Daily Brain Exercises: Mind Strengthening as a Way to Develop;
  5. Social Networking: Behind the Curtain. Interpersonal Relationships;
  6. Environmental Sustainability: Time to Save the Earth.

Define a complicated notion, and hundreds of people will be grateful to you!
Blog Topics Evolution: Breaking World Records. Write Your Top 10

  1. If you feel a true critic of modern culture – offer your own top 10 of…
  2. Famous People in World History;
  3. Books/Movies that Made an Impression;
  4. Significant Historical Sites Around the World;
  5. Unexplained Events/Unbelievable Miracles;
  6. Endangered Animals/Plants Species.

However, don’t forget to be objective – it’s the fair evaluation that does the trick here.
Blog Topics Evolution: Classify Various Objects and Phenomena!
People love arranging things on shelves… and that makes a perfect case for your first blog classification. Pick certain kinds of something and depict them.

  1. People’s Characters/Personality Types and Their Specifics;
  2. Types of People’s Habits and What Causes Them;
  3. Classification of Conflict Situations and the Means to Tackle Them;
  4. World’s Most Popular and Famous Dances: a Classification;
  5. Kinds of Computer Software and the Ways to Choose the Right One.

That was really easy, wasn’t it? Now lets’ get to something more thrilling.
Blog Topic Evolution: Expressing Your Opinion on Burning Issues

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creative-writing-promptsDo you know that creativity is like a muscle? The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. No matter if it is your own decision to find prompts for creative writing or your tutors have encouraged you, here you will find unique topics you can sink your teeth into.
These 30 effective creative writing activities will become a splendid exercise program for your creativity.
Creative writing prompts: story starters

  1. One day you buy a bottle of coke, open it and see a jinn sitting in the bottle. You are granted three wishes, but these wishes cannot be selfish…
  2. One sunny morning you wake up, go to the bathroom, look into the mirror and… You see your old enemy (best friend/ Eminem/Angelina Jolie) in the mirror. You scream and understand that you have exchanged your bodies and minds…
  3. Moving to a new house, you find a letter written by the previous owners. You are at a loss because the letter says…
  4. Somebody rings your door and runs away quickly. When you open the door, there is nobody, but you discover a basket…
  5. One day your best friend asks you to fetch a ball from his/her room. Searching the ball, you find night vision glasses and other spy equipment…

Creative writing prompts: story titles

  1. A man who always tells the truth.
  2. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
  3. Why not learn from the mistakes of others?
  4. If cell phones did not exist, they would have been invented.
  5. The most unconventional and breathtaking chess game of my life.

Creative writing prompts: three elements
Try to combine these three elements in one story:

  1. a school bus, global warming, an awkward situation;
  2. Halloween, racist remark, lost keys;
  3. green shoes, a white lie, scream;
  4. vanilla ice-cream, sweet revenge, high temperature;
  5. rainforest, digital camera, mild reproach.

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university-essayIf the idea of writing your first essays in university makes your palms sweat and your voice tremble, you are not alone. Indeed, university standards are much higher than those of your high school. However, there is no need to panic. Check this universal recipe to understand what you need to complete high quality university essays and receive excellent grades for them.
University essay: about this recipe
This is a classic recipe of a homemade university paper. Certainly, the first thing you should remember about your university projects is that they are all different. You will see that different professors have different requirements depending on their subjects and even personal views. However, most papers deserving good grades share a number of common features which you can find in this recipe.
University essay: cooking (writing) time
Be ready to spend from several hours to several days on writing a good university essay. After completing it, take a break of at least a few hours before coming back and proofreading your paper.
University essay: main ingredients

  • Understanding of a topic – the deeper the better;
  • 4 cups of investigation: research, reading, synthesis of information and your own consideration;
  • 1 main claim (for a strong thesis statement);
  • several creative arguments;
  • logical structure and format;
  • a handful of amiable tone.

University essay: directions

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bibliography-formatWhen you wrote your papers in high school, you surely heard about various citation styles such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA, and so forth. Now when you work on college essays or research papers, you will have to pay more attention to bibliography format. In particular, students should focus on the differences between various sources as well as citation styles.
Bibliography Format: Key Principles
Traditionally, bibliography is a list of sources that are related to the topic of the paper. For essays and college papers, however, the bibliography is only list of books, articles, or webpages cited in the text. So here is a key rule to remember any source that you include in your bibliography needs to have at least one in-text citation somewhere in the body of the paper.
Otherwise, your professor will deduct points from the grade. In addition, you need to remember that bibliography may have different titles depending on the citation style. Here is how the bibliography should be called for some of the most used styles:

  1. MLA – Works Cited;
  2. Harvard – References;
  3. APA – Reference List;
  4. Oxford – Bibliography.

So, this is one of the things that you need to know about bibliography format: when you compile the bibliography, you should also focus on the type of each source that you cite. For example, if you need to cite a book, the corresponding bibliography entry should contain the following elements:

  • The name of the author;
  • The title of the book;
  • The date when a book was published;
  • The place of publication;
  • The medium such as print or electronic version.

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When it comes to the education essay writing, students have to concentrate on the value of their final product; the field of education is essential for ensuring the continuity of advancement and personal development. Therefore, those studying to become educators have to understand the basics of educational value and utility. Coming up to writing essays on education, they should first of all answer a set of questions:

  • What do I want to research, and why is it important for me?
  • What fields of education currently lack research, and which contribution can research in these fields bring?
  • What does the tutor want to see in this education essay?
  • What do I want to make out of this education essay?
  • Will the topic I have chosen fit the educational course, and will it be appropriate to my study course?

Answering these questions may be complex, but once the writer solves these dilemmas, he or she can proceed to the choice of a more specific topic to dwell on.
Choosing Topics for an Essay about Education
There are many sub-disciplines in education, so writers of education essays can be both general and specific in their field of studies. Some successful topics are offered below:
Education essays about the modern status of education: education under the conditions of globalization, importance of education nowadays, demand for specific education courses, educational establishments, or careers, careers in teaching, innovative technologies and methods of education (distance learning, online courses, e-learning), etc.
Education essays about educational establishments and courses: advantages of taking online courses alongside with pursuing a career, fundamentals of medicine in nursing courses, obtaining an MBA degree in strategic management in the USA – challenges and opportunities, adequacy of high school and college preparation for exams and certification, etc.
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MLA format for writing essays seems to be the first thing you have to study on the writing classes. However, if you did not manage to do that, this article is just what you need.
It presents the main rules of MLA format for writing essays. What is MLA? How is it used? What special about using this format? And some other questions concerning MLA format for writing essays are to be answered in this article.
MLA Format
MLA is a Modern Language Association which has elaborated a special style for formatting academic writings and documentation. MLA format is widely used in different disciplines, especially in philology. The most popular and widely spread form of its application is MLA format for writing essays. It is special due to the rules which differ it from the rest formats.
Main Rules of MLA format for writing essays

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There are so many ways to improve technology, develop business processes and, of course, manage human relationship on a working place. Thus, human resource management dissertations deal with the latter.
Are you going to write your human resource management dissertations? Well, you may need some topic ideas for such papers.

  1. One of the most disputable issues nowadays is employees’ motivation in the period of economic crises. It can be a fruitful field for your human resource management dissertations. Thus, you may consider existing methods and suggest some new effective ways to cope with this issue. For instance, you can concentrate on various encouraging activities: promotion and non-monetary reward (honorary degrees and other similar options) can become key points in your human resource management dissertations.
  2. Your human resource management dissertations can deal with relationships between employees. For instance, you can consider methods of creating the atmosphere of fruitful (not destructive) rivalry in your human resource management dissertations. Is it possible to avoid intrigues on working places? It is possible to devote your human resource management dissertations to considering the ways of involving family relationships in the building positive atmosphere at work.
  3. It can be interesting to devote your human resource management dissertations to misconduct and other more serious violations. Thus, you can try to define whether it is possible to prevent violations and crimes in your human resource management dissertations. Is human nature the defining factor?

Maybe, working conditions push people to committing crimes. Is it possible to define potentially dangerous person during the interview and become absolutely sure in this person? Perhaps, employers have to work out corresponding working conditions to avoid possibility of negative consequences.

One of the key success factors of your assignments is your research paper format. Bringing your research paper format in compliance with the standard requirements testifies for your academic competence and earns you extra points. Below you can find some advice on how to format a research paper.
Research Paper Format: Margins, Font, Spacing

  • 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • 12-pt. easily readable font (e.g. Times New Roman, Courier, Arial).
  • Double spacing.

Research Paper Format: Text Alignment, Paragraph Indentation, and Pagination

  1. Flush left the text, leaving an uneven right margin.
  2. Indent the first paragraph line half-inch (or 5 spaces).
  3. Number every page in the upper right margin, half-inch from the top and flush with the right margin;
  • in APA style the student’s name is put before the page number;
  • in MLA style a shortened title of the paper is put before the page number.

Research Paper Format: Title Page

  1. MLA style does no require any. In the top left-hand corner of the first page type your name, professor’s name, course title, and submission date on separate lines. Proceed further with the title and the text.
  2. APA style presupposes the following design of the title page:
  • below the page number type the running head in capital letters, flush left and precede by the words “Running head:”;
  • below type the centered paper title, your name, school name, all on separate lines in upper and lower case letters.

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Term paper writing requires doing substantial analytical work with several sources of information. In order to avoid wandering within the flows of your ideas, you can develop a term paper outline. Outlines for term papers help to organize your ideas and to make your paper harmonious.
Outlines for Term Papers: Essence
Your term paper outline is a detailed plan of your future term paper. Its aim is to reflect all key points of your paper. To develop a term paper outline, you need to:

  1. Formulate a thesis. Your thesis is a sentence that provides a short answer for a question that you work on in your term paper.
  2. Divide topics/ideas/statements that you touch upon in your essays into logical sections. Each section will become a point of your outline.

Outlines for Term Papers: Types
There are two types of outlines for term papers:

  • Topic outlines for term papers
  • Sentence outlines for term papers

In the second case, you do not limit to short phrases and formulate an outline topic as a complete sentence.
Topic outline: Influence of culture differences on consumer decision making
Sentence outline: Culture differences are an important factor that influences consumer decision making
Outlines for Term Papers: Format
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