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Learning the rules of punctuation is almost as important as learning traffic rules. Just like traffic signs and lights, which show you how to behave and keep safe on roads, punctuation symbols show you how to deal with separate sentences and entire passages in academic papers. Let’s see what we can do to make punctuation rules easier.

Rules of Punctuation – Symbols

The basic punctuation rules deal with punctuation symbols – comma, semicolon, colon and dash. So let’s learn what each of them is used for.

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Abortion is one of the most debatable questions and therefore it can be an interesting, but at the same time difficult topic for a research paper. Even if you usually make strong assertions concerning abortion, writing “All abortions are bad and should be banned” is not enough for a high school or college level paper. To avoid this terrible mistake and write instead an outstanding abortion research project, you might want to look through the following suggestions and brilliant ideas.

Research paper on abortion: perspectives

It is impossible to cover all aspects of abortion in a single project or paper. Choose one topic and make it narrow and focused:

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Students often think that there is nothing easier than writing descriptive essays. Look around and write about the blue sky, green grass and birds singing. Right? Not exactly… Still, you should not lose your enthusiasm. Let’s check this description essay example to understand the main principles of good descriptive writing.

Descriptive essay example: main criteria

Before taking a closer look at this sample descriptive essay, let’s discuss the main requirements for perfect descriptive writing:

  • Show, don’t tell. Try to provide plenty of details, so that your readers feel like they visited the place or met the person you are describing (you will see how this can be done if you have a look at the descriptive essay example posted below).
  • Use vivid language. Try to use similes and metaphors.
  • Use clear language. Do not go too far with using metaphors and similes. Do not confuse your readers, but make certain that your language means are adequate (for example, saying that a girl had a deep laugh, similar to the sound that a dog makes is not a good idea).
  • Use all your senses to create a picture. Recollect or imagine what you see, hear or smell and talk of how you feel (descriptive essay examples can even include these words: hear, look, smell, and feel).

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Writing business term papers is done to propose a theory, present innovation and suggest new knowledge about the different fields and areas of business. Students get to know more about their course as they engage in writing a term paper in business. Doing a term paper will also allow you to develop your research abilities. Oftentimes, you are given the freedom to do your own research format and you need to consider valuable tips and ideas so that you will effectively present your proposition.

1. Your business term paper topic must be relevant.

You have to take up specific subject rather than a general idea. It must be one highly relevant in business such as cash flow maintenance, cost effective business marketing, a business strategic report, business management for small business enterprises, financial decision making, among others. Come up with an original idea that is fresh and never undertaken by anybody so that you will receive full merit.
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When writing cause and effect essays an effective, informative and above all structured introduction is necessary in order to help setup the data and arguments that will be utilized in the body of the paper. The introduction acts as a way of introducing the topic, the facts, contrasting and complimentary views and finally the method of comparison and contrast to be utilized by the researcher. As such for the introduction in this type of essay of particular issues, events and scientific discoveries the following format must be followed in order to sufficiently introduce the paper:

The First Paragraph of Cause and Effect Essays must present the Facts of the Case

An essay about cause and effect functions by presenting the facts of a case and the resulting or possible outcome of such actions. As such, the initial paragraph must have a topic sentence that immediately presents the issue at hand. The supporting details within the paragraph itself must also detail several aspects of the case as well whether in the form of statistics, quantitative data or other means of portraying the needed information.
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accounting-research-paperAccounting research papers allow you to pursue, in-depth, a question or issue that interests you. Even if accounting is your least favorite subject, there are ways to make it more appealing to write. Alternatively, if this is your career path, a research paper in accounting allows you to preview issues, specializations, and firms that interest you. Let’s consider ways to make the process less onerous.
Start early:
From day one, if the syllabus includes accounting research papers, contemplate topics and resources. Don’t operate in a fog of uncertainty and ignorance. If you’ve never written a research paper before, learn now!

  1. Approach the professor/teaching assistant – clarify expectations for this accounting research paper
  2. Pump the librarian about relevant holdings:
    • specialized periodicals,
    • general business journals, e.g., The Harvard Business Review,
    • archived theses/dissertations,
    • Specialized databases.
  3. Librarians are often ludicrously over-qualified and tragically under-utilized.
  4. Ask permission to see (not take home and copy) an exemplary past paper. It does not hurt to ask.
  5. Politely interrogate class veterans.
  6. You have already paid for the on-campus writing support resources. Have you exploited them?

Choose topics that compel YOUR interest:
CPAs/CAs see themselves as James Bond-style heroes, or crime scene investigators. The rest of us struggle to maintain such enthusiasm.Therefore, choose a subject for your accounting research paper with long-term appeal

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bulleted-listIt’s time to make the lists that will help you with your academic writing! Why lists? Because academic writing requires research and research is best organized with lists.
So, let’s learn how to deal with lists.

Bulleted List: Defining the Phenomenon with Pinpoint Accuracy.

Now welcome our special guest – the question that students ask most often: “What is a bulleted list?”
A bulleted list is a list of equally important elements.
Now, wave good-bye to this problem and let’s move on.
Whenever dealing with a bulleted list, check whether you have to use the traditional bullet point range or you can be original…
Now that’s a lot to choose from! Let’s see how to get your list bulleted the right way in different formats.

Bulleted List in EVERY Possible Variation: Check This Table Out!

Which bulleted list style would you like to pick? Get ready to learn everything on how to specify a bulleted list in html, css and even asp format!

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text-editorDo you entirely rely on your text editor for finding the right words and the correct spelling? Yes, it is always there when you need it. Every time you want to write the word “entrepreneurship” or any other difficult word, you simply turn to your text editor. However, there are cases when text editor software can become your false friend. Take care! Do not be deceived by text editors! Here is a list of difficult cases, in which your text editors are of no assistance and it is only you who can edit your documents.

Text editor: tricky misspells

The following common misspells are number one in the list of mistakes that are not noticed by text editors:

  • your – you’re;
  • there – their, they’re
  • then – than;
  • its- it’s;
  • to – two, too;
  • anyway – any way.

Text editor: confusable words

The second large group of words that will jumble your text editors includes these confusables which are grammatically correct, but have absolutely different meanings:

  1. accept – except;
  2. amoral – immoral;
  3. adopt – adapt;
  4. break – brake;
  5. decent – descent;
  6. diary – dairy;
  7. desert – dessert;
  8. die- dye;
  9. faze – phase;
  10. gorilla – guerrilla;
  11. martial – marital;
  12. peace – piece;
  13. personnel – personal;
  14. reign – rain;
  15. through – threw;
  16. waist – waste.

Any of these pairs can deceive even the best text editor. If the spelling is correct, text editors consider any of these words as correct and do not care for the context and meaning. Try to take care of these confusables and choose the right variant for every single case.

A text editor can be intrusive

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how-to-write-a-business-reportThere comes a time in your life when you have to ask yourself a very important question: “How do I write a business report?”
Actually, it’s as simple as it can be. Do as professionals do, and you’ll get your A+ on a regular basis!

How to Write a Business Report: Exclusive Tips, Unique Examples.

For those who ask desperately, “How do you write a business report?,” here is guidance from fully qualified experts. Just follow these tips!

  1. Try to stand in the shoes of the head of the company;
  2. Brainstorm the issue to find effective solutions;
  3. Draw diagrams and layouts to see problematic issues;
  4. Take into account economical, political, financial and social factors;
  5. Use an individual approach to each problem.

If you haven’t asked yet “What is a business report?,” it’s high time you did. A business report means:

  • Focusing on a certain problematic issue;
  • Describing the premises and the current state of affairs;
  • Explaining the essence of the problem;
  • Offering the most efficient solutions;
  • Outlining further courses of action.

Let’s go to the next point!

How to Write a Business Report: Check Original Writing Templates

Welcome to the treasure trove of academic writing! What’s more, you’ll find here one of the most requested things – the executive summary how to guide. Enjoy!
A Business Report Template

The Elements The Example
1. Executive summary:

  • Company short description;
  • The problem;
  • Potential solutions;
  • Reasons for concern.
CrashAndBurn Co. has been in the explosives production market for years. However, at present, the company needs to focus on chemical energy solely. Hence, pyrotechnics and compressed gas devices production will suffer. The company could keep producing all the three types, but the competition in chemical energy is too high.
2. Market situation:

  • Company position;
  • Current and future competitors;
  • Level of competitiveness;
  • Analysis.
The company manages to keep quite high rankings; however, there has been a downfall from the 7th to the 13th position. In addition, a more competent rival, Boom Boom Co., has appeared. Therefore, adequate solutions are needed.
3. Potential strategic actions:

  • Company reorganization;
  • New goals and new plan structure;
  • Actions to undertake;
  • Actions to avoid.
The following solutions can be suggested:

  • Uniting the pyrotechnics and compressed gas departments into a single one;
  • Using new technologies for chemical energy material production;
  • Avoiding focusing solely on pyrotechnics and compressed gas.
4. Pieces of advice for further development:

  • General tips;
  • Specific tip for each company department.
As for the further development of CrashAndBurn Co. , the following tips can be useful:

  • Using only new equipment;
  • Enhancing organizational management;
  • Providing efficient leadership;
  • Offering specific motivation.

One question down, three more to go!

How to Write a Business Report: Read Outstanding Paper Examples!

For those who keep asking, “How can I write a report?,” here are two excellent samples of report writing:

Sample #1 Sample #2
Business Report on McDonald’s
McDonald’s must be one of the most recognized brands in the world. However, according to recent research, the company is currently suffering considerable losses and experiencing great staff turnover. Since the company hires mostly students and offers rather low salaries, the problem seems quite essential.
To solve the issue, the following steps are recommended:

  • Raising wages;
  • Hiring more qualified staff;
  • Creating unions.

For the company to maintain stability in future, it is recommended to offer staff more flexible work schedules.

Business Report on Starbucks
Starbucks is one of the most memorable brands of coffee shops. However, the company seems to have lost its popularity greatly and is searching for efficient solutions.
Obviously, the company should:

  • allow shops more flexibility in promoting the brand;
  • stop using the “kit of parts” method for building stores;
  • add a unique atmosphere to each of the stores.

In addition, in future, it will be reasonable for the company to strive to keep pace with Caribou Coffee, one of the most dangerous rivals.

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how-to-critique-an-articleSooner or later, every student will have to write an article critique. This assignment is not very difficult for a person who knows how to analyze academic studies critically. However, undergraduate students sometimes struggle with such papers. Take a look at this article if you don’t know how to critique an article. It will surely be of great use to you.

How to Critique an Article: Your First Steps

A person who has to critique a journal article should pay attention to such aspects as research methodology, hypothesis, analysis of findings, and theoretical background of the study. This is a model that will help you analyze a study critically:

  1. First, you need to look at the hypothesis formulated by the researchers. You need to determine if it can or cannot be properly tested by research methods used in the study..
  2. Secondly, you need to look at the dependent and independent variables of the study. Can the relations between them be traced and measured? If the relations between these variables cannot be properly measured, this study is most likely to be flawed.
  3. Almost every study is based on some theory or even a set of theories. This is why you need to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of these theoretical models.
  4. Researchers can employ a variety of methods to collect and analyze data. So, you should assess these research methods and determine whether they fit this particular study.
  5. Think about the findings of the study and its potential implications. Does this study offer anything new about the topic, problem or question?

How to Critique an Article: Dos and Don’ts

When you write your paper, you need to stick to several rules that will help you write a good critique. These rules of thumb can be of great use to people who don’t know how to critique an article:

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