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book report outlineYou are holding a book that you should make a report on. What to start a book report with? How to make it so that all the necessary information was highlighted and nothing was missed? Is not it a good reason to look for a comprehensive book report?
No need to search anymore, since it is already here!
Book Report Outline: Point 1
The Author of the Book
Who is the author of the book? What is the prehistory of writing this book?
Book Report Outline: Point 2
The Main Subject of the Book
What is the book about? Give a short summary of a book in one or two sentences here.
Book Report Outline: Point 3
The Main Idea of the Book
What did its author want to show/criticize/reject/approve in his or her book? What message did he/she want to report?
Book Report Outline: Point 4
The Central Figures of the Book
What figures does its author focus on? Are these characters positive or negative?
Book Report Outline: Point 5
The Internal Conflict
Is there any hidden problem that you may guess? Usually, inner conflicts are observed within the main characters’ inner world.
Book Report Outline: Point 6
The External Conflict
What problems are obvious? As a rule, such problems as racial discrimination, social misunderstanding, etc. relate to external conflicts.
Book Report Outline: Point 7
Your Personal Impressions from the Book
Did you like it? Did the book impress you or leave indifferent? Explain why.
Book Report Outline: Point 8
Your Recommendations to Other Readers
Would you like the others to read this book? Why? Give your personal instructions on how this book is better to read.
You can find a lot of book report outlines on the web. Still, the outline of a book report presented gives information as precisely and laconically as possible.
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